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On View at U.K. Museums: Works from the collector who kissed $160 million profit good-bye

Bloomberg / September 15th, 2009

Former London art dealer Anthony D’Offay sent shock waves through the art world first in 2002 when he closed his powerhouse gallery and then last year with he sold 725 postwar and contemporary works to the U.K. government at the price he paid for them. He spent 26.5 million pounds for art by ...

Caricature, Denounced: Damien Hirst irritated by teenage artist's emulation

Guardian / September 15th, 2009

Uber-successful artist Damien Hirst's feud with teenage street artist Cartrain has turned into a story of how a rich man used his power to bully someone who, after all, is just trying to emulate him. Presumably, what irks Hirst is that Cartrain used Hirst's famous diamond skull in a series of ...

What Saatchi Says Sticks; The contemporary art tastemaker talks

Guardian / August 30th, 2009

London art collector and dealer Charles Saatchi acknowledges that young, contemporary artists need collectors like him. Saatchi also tells U.K.'s Guardian, "Art collectors are pretty insignificant in the scheme of things. What matters and survives is the art." Yet, Saatchi's influence is ...

Condos & Princes: Russian dealer sues New York gallery over $3 million art agreement

Bloomberg / August 26th, 2009

New York - New York’s Luhring Augustine Gallery has been sued by Moscow art dealer Gary Tatintsian for an alleged breach an agreement over a complicated series of transactions involving works by artists George Condo and Richard Prince. According to a complaint filed Aug. 11 in Manhattan, ...

Warhol's portrait of Michael Jackson goes on show pre-sale

Reuters / August 7th, 2009

LONDON (Reuters) - A portrait of the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson, by the King of Pop Art, Andy Warhol, went on show in London on Thursday for three days in the lead-up to an auction in New York of the 1984 painting.  

S.F. art community fears loss of Gap founder's massive collection

LA Times Arts / August 7th, 2009

Donald Fisher's plan to house his contemporary art in a new museum at San Francisco's historic Presidio ran afoul of preservationists, and now other cities are wooing him.  

Photographer Annie Leibovitz sued over $24 million loan

Bloomberg / July 30th, 2009

The photographer Annie Leibovitz was sued by Art Capital Group Inc. and accused of failing to live up to the terms of agreements for loans of $24 million. Leibovitz approached the firm last year over her “dire financial condition” arising from tax liens and debts...

Lehman Mounts Art Bargain Auction With Lichtenstein, Bourgeois

Bloomberg / July 29th, 2009

Roy Lichtenstein’s 1982 print of the Statue of Liberty, once wall candy at Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc., is expected to contribute about $30,000 to the bankrupt company’s coffers when it’s offered for auction in November. Lehman will begin selling its multimillion-dollar corporate art collection ...