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  • December 07, 2020 09:47

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Culinary Gangsta By Vinia Calista Wow Master Chef move over, there is a new culinary genius in town. None other than the Pink Panther! This is one Executive Chef with the right stuff.
Vinia Calista

Vibrant colours, nostalgic comic characters and urban contemporary vibes are just a few of the factors that make Vinia's Pop Art fast growing in popularity. She is definatly an upcoming Artist that is one to watch.
Conjuring up memories of a happier time is Vinia's escape from the new normal (although there is nothing normal about it). Walk by any of her colorful works of art and the joyful images will catch your eye, make you examine it further and perhaps even inspire a giggle or a smile. That's the point.

At first glance your are taken back to simpler times with her contemporary vision of iconic classics. This Artists work is somewhat impulsive, yet, if you take the time to look closer multiple layers begin to emerge. A harmonious blend of her Interior Design background, a nod to her time pre-pandemic as the Pantry Chef at such notable establishments in Uptown Charlotte NC as Haymakes as well as Angeline's.

"I have always been the type to look on the brighter side of things, and this current situation in 2020 is no different. My mission is to stay uplifted while at the same time uplifting others through my artwork as well." Vinia has a belief that our new way of life calls for a positive perspective in any way it can be achieved. That is where her art comes in to play, collecters are attracted to pieces that evoke emotions "The purpose of my work is to make people happy."  


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Art That Pops By Vinia

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