Indigo With Darren Thomson Jr

  • November 10, 2020 08:37

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Blue Prism By Darren Thomson Jr
Truffle Art House

Brief Artist Bio
Baltimore based digital artist, Darren Thompson Jr, has been honing his skills in digital art for the past few years. After graduating from Towson University, Darren started creating contemporary themed digital paintings in Photoshop. Since 2018, Darren has been using photography as another medium, capturing the rich and vibrant colors of flowers as his subject matter. Darren's growth in photography has allowed him to develop abstract themes in his work. The different objects he captures through his iPhone camera are used to create entirely new thought-provoking works of art. Darren's main objective is to use rich colors and complex imagery to create an aesthetically pleasing body of art, for his audience to indulge in and visualize their interpretation of the piece.

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