Danish Art & Design at Drostei Foundation

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  • September 12, 2017

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Design Collaboration Nynne Faerch & Majken Mann, RUGchair, Textile Furniture
Nynne Faerch/ Majken Mann

On the occasion of the 250th anniversary of the DROSTEI, a non-profit culture center and arts foundation in Pinneberg, the greater area of Hamburg, the art historian and curator Dr. Barbara Aust-Wegemund has been invited to curate a group show and select Danish artists from the fields of fine arts and design.

The curated project titled "GENIUS LOCI - The (good) Spirit of the Space" presents works from the artists' studios as well as space-related artistic projects.

How does a space or local area influence the creativity and creative identity?

How interactive are spirit & space connected?

Where is the home of the (good) spirit, the GENIUS LOCI?

In ancient mythology, the GENIUS LOCI was the saint patron of a place or a temple that causes a positive (or negative?) effect on people and the surroundings. But where can the GENIUS LOCI be found today, in times of globalization - whether in virtual, real, collective spaces, in the public, urban or natural space?

Participating artists:

Ivan Andersen (Painting), Claus Bjerre (Design), Nynne Faerch & Majken Mann (Design), Lise Harlev (Concept Art), Tine Bay Lührssen (Installation), Mads Dahl Pedersen (Painting), Kirsten Schauser (Painting), Hartmut Stockter (Installation),

Ole Terlose, Genius Loci, airbrushed 3-d-print, 91 x 81 x 160 cm, 2017
Ole Terslose

Ole Terslose (Computer Graphics, 3-D-Works).



Dingstätte 23 - 25421 Pinneberg - Germany

Phone +49 -4101 -210 30

Email: info@drostei.de

URL: www.drostei.de


Genius Loci. The (good) Spitit of the Space.

September, 10 - October, 15, 2017


Dr. Barbara Aust-Wegemund

ahc projects Hamburg

Email: aust-wegemund@t-online.de


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