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  • May 09, 2019

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Josephine Baker And Frida Kahlo

Circa 1939, while preparing to exhibit at the Louvre in Paris, Frida Kahlo fell under the mesmerizing allure of Josephine Baker with whom she had an intoxicating relationship, albeit a short one.

Fine Artist Michael Kilgore interprets their passionate chemistry in 10 original artworks in the forthcoming GOIN BANANAS! Exhibit, presented at the legendary Alhambra Ballroom in Harlem. The GOIN BANANAS! Exhibit is anticipated to be a social highlight of the cultural season, being the first Josephine Baker Exhibit in history. Michael Kilgore will exhibit 100 artworks in a myriad of his signature art techniques. 

Jean-Claude Baker, her never officially "adopted" child and the mastermind proprietor of Chez Josephine restaurant, was extremely supportive of Kilgore's artistic creations of his beloved Mother.

In the surrealism masterwork featured here, Josephine Baker straddles a chair that has taken on the masculine persona of Frida Kahlo, her signature uni-brow intact. Baker & Kahlo connected on several levels, with both being self-made brilliant women. Each suffered devastating miscarriages, and both were involved in military liaisons that were, at times, life-threatening. 

Frida Kahlo is currently exhibited at the Brooklyn Museum. Josephine Baker smiles, the Black Entertainer and the Mexican Artist were iconic singularly and collectively. Finally, they will have their moment on September 28, 2019 - reunited.

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