Cassera Arts Premiers Vancouver Presents - VODU

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  • July 06, 2012

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Cassera Arts Premiers Vancouver presents - VODU
Greenland TupilaqsIn Greenlandic Inuit (Kalaallit) traditions, a tupilaq (tupilak, tupilait, or ᑐᐱᓚᒃ) was an avenging monster fabricated by a practitioner of witchcraft or shamanism by using various objects such as animal parts (bone, skin, hair, sinew, etc.) and even parts taken from the corpses of children. The creature was given life by ritualistic chants. It was then placed into the sea to seek and destroy a specific enemy.
19th Century Batak Totem , Batak is a collective term used to identify a number of ethnic groups predominantly found in North Sumatra, Indonesia.


Cassera Arts Premiers Vancouver Presents:

Traditional Ritual Art and Artifacts

7/13/12 - 8/3/12
Press Preview By appointment only Thursday 12th, July 2012
Opening Preview & Reception Friday 13th, July 2012 5-10pm

Foot of Main Gallery
119 Main Street @ Alexander
Vancouver, BC Canada

Begining Friday the 13th of July, Cassera Arts Premiers Gallery (New York City and La Conner, Washington) will exhibit a selection of traditional art pieces from Africa, Oceania and the Americas all which have been created and used for ritualistic purposes. The title 'Vodu', also known as Voodoo, Vodou etc. is used to describe the particular animist religious objects that have magical powers. The exhibition theme is broad and covers a gambit of cultural objects ranging from West African Fetishes used for healing and protection from evil to Greenland Tupilaq carved avenging figures fabricated by a practitioner of witchcraft or shamanism.

RSVP: or phone 310-691-9391

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