Karina Brez Launches Lucky Horseshoe, a Colorful Gemstone and Enamel Fine Jewelry Collection

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  • November 18, 2022

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Lucky Horseshoe Necklaces by Karina Brez, in Sapphire, Ruby, and Emerald
Image courtesy of Karina Brez

Celebrating the partnership between human and horse, Karina Brez is internationally renowned for elevating equine style, bringing it to every generation. Developing her own twist on the horseshoe, a hallmark of style on and off the track, Brez reinvigorates one of the world's most recognizable symbols of protection and good luck. The Lucky Horseshoe Collection features necklaces, earrings, and rings with the beloved talisman. Celebrating a harmonious bond through elegant design, each piece offers a wearable reminder of the bonds between horse and rider. Launching in time for the holiday season, the Lucky Horseshoe collection combines high style and joy through a variety of palettes—classic diamond white, pastel, colored enamel and traditional holiday hues.


In honor of the diamond classics, and always a beloved gift, the horseshoe has been reimagined into diamond stud earrings and a diamond ring. The elegant Mini Horseshoe Yellow Gold and Diamond Earrings are a unique and versatile alternative to the diamond stud. Available in three gold colors: rose, yellow and white, the posts on each upper hand corner prevent the horseshoe from turning upside down, designating right and left sides. The union of timeless design and diamonds symbolizes strength and love, combined with the fortune of a horseshoe. The Mini Lucky Horseshoe Yellow Gold and Diamond Ring, featuring 18K gold, is also available in rose, yellow or white, and in sizes 5-9. Perfect for every day, or a night out, the bond of a rider and their horse is celebrated through each Lucky Horseshoe piece.

Mini Lucky Horseshoe Rose Gold and Diamond Ring, by Karina Brez
Image courtesy of Karina Brez


Gemologist and Jewelry Designer, Karina Brez, says of the innovative collection, “Horseshoes are a universal symbol of luck dating back as early as the eighth century. Recreating them into a colorful work of art was a no brainer, so that my clients have on-the-go luck every day. Each season you will see new styles, as most of them are limited edition.”


This season, color is queen, with enamel jewelry being a runway staple. Juxtaposing the sparkle of diamonds with the smooth beloved finish, the Karina Brez Lucky Horseshoe Collection offers fresh and fashionable enamel looks. The chic combination of a classic diamond horseshoe and a white enamel, is shown with the Lucky Horseshoe Necklace in White Enamel and Diamonds, available in 18K yellow, rose or white gold, in 18” length, with an 16” loop and lobster clasp. The Lucky Horseshoe Necklace in Blue Enamel and Diamond displays the time-honored design in turquoise enamel, surrounded by 0.22 ct. diamonds in a horseshoe, also set in in 18K yellow, rose or white gold, 18” length, with an 16” loop and security-friendly lobster clasp.  The enamel is enclosed by a diamond row on either side, offering an equine twist on a stylish trend.


“I wanted to add natural turquoise to the horseshoes, but due to the delicate nature of cutting turquoise, I decided to use enamel to match the most beautiful turquoise colors in these pieces. After seeing how beautiful the enamel versions came out, I continued to expand the enamel collection horseshoes into a white color option as well,” says Karina Brez.

Mini Horseshoe White Gold and Diamond Earrings by Karina Brez
Image courtesy of Karina Brez


For a holiday party look that stands the test of everyday wear, the new Lucky Horseshoe Collection ruby, emerald, and sapphire options are a perfect choice. The Lucky Horseshoe Necklace with Rubies has 0.28 ct. diamonds and 0.59 ct. rubies, set in 18K yellow, rose or white gold, 17” length, with a 16” loop and lobster clasp. A symbol of love and commitment, rubies combine with the good fortune of the horseshoe design, as a talisman for good prosperity and partnership. The Lucky Horseshoe Necklace with Emeralds and Diamonds incorporates 0.18 ct. diamonds and 0.46 ct. emeralds set in 18K yellow, rose or white gold, with a lobster clasp at 17” in, and an additional loop at 16”, offering versatility. A symbol of eloquence and foresight, the additional emeralds on this necklace make it perfect for competition day. The Lucky Horseshoe Necklace with Blue Sapphires has 0.30 ct. diamonds and 0.60 ct. sapphires set in 18K yellow, rose or white gold, with a lobster clasp at 17” inches and an additional loop at 16”. Good fortune and wisdom, symbolic of sapphires, complement the strength of the diamonds, creating a balanced union. These three bold and lively gemstone necklaces demonstrate the connection between human and horse, can be worn while riding, and bring sparkle to any cocktail party.


“Gifting your loved one, friend or co-worker a symbol of good luck and fortune in a dazzling design, such as a horseshoe piece of jewelry, is an excellent gift that shows encouragement and support,” says Karina Brez.


For those who prefer winter and spring pastels as the color palette of choice, Karina Brez has developed two beautiful horseshoe necklaces in amethyst and aquamarine. The Amethyst and Diamond Horseshoe Necklace, with 0.26 ct. diamonds and 0.41 ct. amethyst, set in 18K yellow, rose or white gold, is 18” in length with a 16” loop and lobster clasp finish, and a gallery of trellis on the back. The amethyst and white diamonds illustrate the balance of strength, love and peace for the wearer. The Aquamarine and Diamond Horseshoe Necklace has 0.17 ct. diamonds and 0.41 ct. aquamarine, set in 18K yellow, rose or white gold, at 18” length with a 16” loop and lobster clasp, also finished with the signature trellis on the back, consistent with the garden motif throughout Karina Brez jewelry. The aquamarine represents happiness and hope of the equine bond, protected by the strength and love.


A modern heirloom reimagining the classic motif, the Karina Brez Lucky Horseshoe Collection celebrates the joy of equestrianism through color and symbolism. Fostering a relationship with a horse and riding are pursuits of friendship, mutual trust and luck. The perfect holiday gift for someone attending upcoming shows, and a stylish way to stack multiple necklaces, the Lucky Horseshoe Collection has something for every rider and equine friend.


The Karina Brez Lucky Horseshoe Collection is available online at https://karinabrez.com/, and will be shown in person at Cowboy Christmas in Las Vegas, Booth #1411. For sales inquiries or retail partnership inquiries, contact Karina Brez at 561-400-4085 or email wholesale@karinabrez.com or info@karinabrez.com.

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About Karina Brez Jewelry

A first generation Ukranian-American, Karina Brez earned the title of Miss Florida USA in 2012, and was inspired to design a jewelry collection after fellow contestants were impressed by the design she created for her own pageant dress. A horse enthusiast with a passion for gemstones, Brez completed the GIA Graduate Gemologist program, is an appraiser, and advocates for non-profits introducing children to the healing power of horses. Her signature fine jewelry collections are Huggable Hooves and Horse LUV. In 2020, Karina Brez was voted one of the top three Equestrian jewelers by Equestrian Living Magazine. She opened a retail location in Palm Beach, Florida in 2021.

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