Small Works Collection: Fifty Works of Art Under $2,500

  • NEW YORK CITY, New York
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  • April 24, 2020

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8-Bit Zero "Dr. Mario"
Rehs Contemporary Galleries, Inc.

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK – While galleries across the country have shut their physical spaces, Rehs Contemporary is continuing to offer online exhibitions through their website. Now that we are all spending a bit more time at home and can get some added art appreciation time, here are 50 affordable works to help you fill in those nooks and crannies around your home! These small gems are the perfect answer for those art lovers who “have no more wall space,” or even a first-time buyer looking for more accessibly priced artwork.

Among the selection is a diverse mix of styles and genres, including landscapes, still lifes, figurative work and abstract… you will find work by some of our hottest artists including Stuart Dunkel, Todd Casey, David Palumbo and Kari Tirrell as well as a couple of new members of the gallery roster – 8-Bit Zero and Lucia Heffernan.

8-Bit Zero works are heavily influenced by nostalgic video game icons. Represented in their original 8-bit form, his hand-crafted characters bring anyone who has graced a leaderboard or blown in a cartridge, back to a far simpler time. These limited-edition pixelated portraits made from wood, paint, vinyl, and resin; each have distinct qualities as they are uniquely created by the artist.

Lucia Heffernan develops quirky paintings of animals, by imagining what they may do if put in human situations. Her work is an expression and exploration of her lifelong fascination with animals and seeks to give them a voice and personality. These collisions between animal and human sensibilities create a whimsical and often humorous take on our existence, which many viewers can relate to on an emotional level.

Regardless of your personal tastes or lack of wall space, we are certain you will find a new work you love to freshen up your home or office… especially if they are one in the same these days.

Lucia Heffernan "Bed Hare"
Rehs Contemporary Galleries, Inc.

The full selection of works is currently available and will remain a featured exhibition through May 22nd, 2020.

If you would like to request high-resolution images of included work, please contact Alyssa Rehs at


About Rehs Contemporary

Rehs Contemporary is regarded as one of the top galleries in New York City and is a platform for new, emerging and established contemporary artists; many of whom have received extensive academic training. The gallery offers high quality works to art lovers of all kinds, from first-time buyers to major collectors.

Alyssa T. Rehs, Director

Lance J. Rehs, Director

Rehs Contemporary

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Alyssa Rehs
Rehs Contemporary Galleries, Inc.

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