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  • September 13, 2012

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Howard Nowes, Director of Art for Eternity Gallery.

Howard Nowes, owner and director of Art for Eternity Gallery in New York, recently spoke with The Curator’s Eye, (, the global high-end art marketing organization, about several sales and newly formed client relationships that resulted from his participation on the site.

Mr. Nowes reported, “I advertised a Greek bronze breast plate from the 5th Century BC on the site. After a short time, I received a message from a registered member of The Curator's Eye asking about it. He turned out to be a collector of ancient armor and I was happy to meet a new connoisseur. Additionally, I was able to introduce him to my broader inventory of ancient armor which led to more activity on several Greek helmets. This was beyond my expectations.”

The Curator’s Eye exists to help dealers compete with market leaders Christie’s and Sotheby’s by giving them access to the same clients that traffic the auction houses and high end art shows, but through an online structure. In fact, Mr. Nowes says his successful sale “happened because acted as an 'introductions agency' and not like an auction house.”

Seol Park, Product Manager and New York Regional Director, says while The Curator’s Eye celebrates sales completed through the platform, it also “emphasizes the dealer-client relationship. The client is not buying on the internet but is being introduced to reputable dealers.”

Mr. Nowes attests to the general quality of the site, saying, “Across all categories, the directors of the site only work with top professional dealers who have very high standards and exercise a critical eye in judging quality.” This dedication to quality and reputation makes The Curator’s Eye stand out among the online art market.

A recent article by Patricia Cohen of the New York Times highlights the contrast between and the rest of the rapidly growing internet art market. According to Ms. Cohen, buying art online has “become a sort of bazaar, where shoppers of varying sophistication routinely encounter all degrees of flimflammery, from the schemes of experienced grifters to the innocent mistakes of the unwitting and naïve.” In contrast, Mr. Nowes characterizes as a place where “the viewing public can ‘feast their eyes’ well. It's like a quality restaurant whose kitchen offers only the best - the viewing public knows anything on the menu will be excellent!”

As a leading dealer in ancient and ethnographic art, Mr. Nowes is always seeking to extend his client base. Becoming a member dealer of The Curator’s Eye was a natural step. Mr. Nowes said, “Meeting new collectors and giving them the best possible client services is very important to my work as a dealer, and this was a nice affirmation that I had made the right decision to join this community.” He added, “The site puts me directly in touch with sophisticated collectors and helps me understand where their interests lie. I enjoy being part of this community.”

Art For Eternity Gallery specializes in Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Pre-Columbian, African, Oceanic, and Asian ancient and ethnographic art. It is located in Manhattan, a short walk from the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

As the art world expands into emerging markets and younger generations do more and more research online, The Curator’s Eye is poised to facilitate these initial virtual connections. Today, collectors from Monaco, India, France, Brazil, and Russia are among the registered users from over eighty countries. To view outstanding items available from the top dealers across the world, visit

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