DigitisedArt offers FREE online inventory management to Galleries, Collectors, Artists and Art Fairs

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  • September 19, 2012

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DigitisedArt is bringing the benefits of cloud technology and online networking to the art market.


DigitisedArt is bringing the benefits of cloud technology and online networking to the art world, and with its latest update, is now offering art industry professionals the ability to store 50 Items for Free.

Allowing art collectors, galleries, dealers and artists to connect, manage and share their collections through a secure online application, users can access and update their inventory from anywhere with an internet connection, or display high-resolution, zoomable images and full item details on its own iPad app.

DigitisedArt's publishing network will expand as it partners with portals and innovative digital platforms.


After extensive consultation and research, DigitisedArt was launched only a year ago, but can already count some of the most prestigious galleries and art fairs amongst its clientele.

With this new release, users can now use the system at no cost to store up to 50 items in their online inventory, or upgrade to a professional or premium account for unlimited storage, and the ability to publish their collection to an ever-increasing number of channels, including its own iPad app, instant online exhibitions, private views and an API that is already syncing art collections to websites, iPhones and iPads.

The improved connections feature allows its members to selectively and securely connect with clients or industry professionals to discreetly share artworks, complete with full historical and biographical data and high-resolution images, within their own custom private networks.


“The art industry is now realising the benefits of digital technology” explains CEO Paul Evans. “This summer has been testament to that – Master Paintings Week London, one of Europe's key art events, chose DigitisedArt to drive their website and mobile app, in lieu of their traditional printed catalogue. It was a resounding success and the statistics prove that there is a growing appetite for digital and mobile based media. Exhibitors were able to tap into this directly and loved being able to instantly update their works on the website and iPhone app – which received well over 1000 downloads in it's first week of release and visitors benefitted from being up to date with the latest artworks and exhibitions from all the participants.”

Art collections on DigitisedArt can be synced to iPad and almost anywhere through its API.


In an industry where spreadsheets, text documents, attachment-heavy emails and clunky desktop software had long been the accepted mode of inventory management, DigitisedArt is aiming to simplify and streamline the process, whether managing 10 artworks or 10,000.


With many new features scheduled for release in the coming year, DigitisedArt's latest release is not just a step forward, but the beginnings of what could become a new industry standard.



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Digitised Art Ltd
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About Digitised Art Ltd

DigitisedArt is the premier solution for Art professionals to simply and securely manage, distribute and publish their collections. Launched in 2011 with the aim of bringing the benefits of online inventory management to Galleries, Collectors, Artists and Art Fairs, DigitisedArt was developed after extensive consultations with the industry, and counts some of the world's key art galleries and events amongst it's clientele. Cloud based & device independent No need for any additional hardware or software; no minimum contract or costly installation and support fees - your collection is securely held online and accessible from anywhere with an internet connection. Scalable and Secure. Whether there are 5 items in your collection or 5000, DigitisedArt seamlessly adapts to fit your needs. Store high-resolution images, full biographical data and artwork history for up to 10 Items with a FREE account, or upgrade to a Professional or Premium account for an UNLIMITED number of items. You can even create translations of items, collections and exhibitions to ensure that your inventory truly caters to the international market. Every item is then securely stored and backed up on our servers, so you can rest assured that your data is always safe. Controlled connections. In the Digital age, online networking is providing an invaluable new way to connect with Clients and industry cognoscenti. DigitisedArt offers an unparalleled ability to connect, share and distribute your artworks to individuals or organisations, and gives you complete control over access at every level. Private views allow you to discreetly share Items with selected individuals, or you can create private online exhibitions for privileged invitees only. Distributed, Flexible. No more emailing images or documents around - Photographers, printers, designers and developers can all securely upload or download Items from or to your Inventory, saving on time and cost. An ever-growing list of Publishing Channels allow you to instantly create online micro-sites to publicise your exhibition, or synchronise your website or mobile app with your collection.

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