IN CONTEXT: The Art of Working Together on View at Kaikodo LLC, February 1 and 2, 74 East 79th Street

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  • January 24, 2020

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Ruth Lozner and Kenzie Raulin Chapters 1-10, acrylic on canvas, 36" x 36"
Ruth Lozner

New York: Kaikodo LLC is pleased to present In Context: Collaborative Works by Ruth Lozner and Kenzie Raulin, an exhibition of collaborative paintings and objects that speaks to a reverence for books and the parsing of words and meaning, that will be on view February 1 and 2, at 74 East 79th Street.

Says Carol Conover, managing director of Kaikodo LLC, a leading Asian art gallery, “As Asian art is rooted in the quest for knowledge, I think that Ruth and Kenzie’s work is derived from the same pursuit and we welcome the opportunity to show their artwork within the context of our gallery.”

For the past two years, artists Ruth Lozner and Kenzie Raulin have adopted a mode of working that is quite different from the common traditional or even modernist model. They work collaboratively: equally sharing concepts and aesthetics, techniques and skills, experience and perspective, while happily working side-by-side on the same pieces at the same time. The evaluation of the work does not, by any means, hinge on the uniqueness of this process. Yet it is this very dynamic process that allows these artists to expand their own vision and capabilities and produce work that is provocative, beautiful and meaningful.

Creative magic happens when an artist becomes deeply involved in the various technical and conceptual aspects of the art form in which they are working. Often creative leaps and advancements can appear as flashes of insight or even “happy accidents”. When an artist is immersed in the process of creation alone, these flashes occur fairly often and are modulated introspectively. Add an equal creative partner to the mix and you’ve ignited a constant stream of these flashes of insight, visual and conceptual ideas and additional technical skills and styles. The process becomes as important and enjoyable as the end result.

Ruth Lozner and Kenzie Raulin The Library of Ideas, acrylic on canvas, 72 x 25"
Ruth Lozner

Certainly, there are several contemporary examples of 20th century collaborations such as Warhol and Basquiat, Ernst and Tzara, Johns and Rauschenberg, Duchamp and Ray, and Gilbert and George. The synergy of their partnerships inspires work that would not have been possible if produced individually.  Lozner and Raulin have also found themselves in this unique and fortunate position of a collaborative process with infinite creative possibilities.

The exhibition will be open on February 1 and 2 For more information visit: and

Instagram: artloznerraulin

About the Artists


Ms. Lozner received a BFA from Carnegie-Mellon University, and a MFA from American University. Her paintings and sculptures have been showcased in over 80 shows: ranging from solo gallery shows to regional and national juried shows, and museum group exhibitions.  She currently holds the titles of Professor Emerita of Art and Design from the University of Maryland and Fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts, UK. In addition, she has held professorships at Parsons School of Design, NYC and University of the Arts, Philadelphia. Working collaboratively has enabled her to discover new ways of approaching subject matter and implementing those concepts.


Ms. Raulin received a BS from the University of Maryland in Design. She is an award-winning graphic designer and has worked as Kenzie Raulin Design since 1990. Creating and working collaboratively has enabled her to explore the many facets of graphic design, typography, nature and the Spirit, which are all big chapters in the book of her life.





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