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Scorched Euphoria by Kelly Viss



Reception: Tuesday, February 9, 2010 @ 6pm. Turlock City Gallery, City Hall 156 S. Broadway, Turlock CA. Presenting works made independently, along with the artists' first collection produced collaboratively under the persona “Lynn Gordon”. In this joint effort, Kelly [ Lynn ] and Troy [ Gordon ] Viss challenge the notion of the artist as loner, an individual toiling in solitude—replacing it with a vision for creative partnership and community. The work produced is unique in its origin and sensibility. Sibling artistic precedents of note include Augustus John and Gwen John who also worked independently, and more recently the Chapman brothers and the Starn twins who make artworks collaboratively. The collaborative paintings in this exhibition are inspired by local culture and history, with the artists’ appreciation for the community that has played a significant part in shaping their personal and professional lives.

Turlock City Gallery
City Hall
156 S. Broadway
Turlock, California