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Gary Sergeant Antiques

The Antiques & Fine Art Show At The Metropolitan Pavilion


JMK’s Antiques & Fine Art Show will feature selected, nationally prominent antiques dealers who will offer an extensive assortment of objects d'art, and worldly treasures including fine art, decorative art, accessories, silver, antique jewelry, 18th, 19th century furniture from around the world, and much more, from the exceptional to the extraordinary. All exhibits will be set in unique individual room settings, which will offer each exhibitor the opportunity to display their merchandise in their most attractive settings - all with the common goal of providing the visiting public with an unforgettable and enjoyable antiquing experience. There will also be a special 19th Century New York Christmas exhibit sponsored by the National Christmas Center. SHOWN: Antique china Cabinet from exhibitor Gary Sergeant.

Metropolitan Pavilion
125 W. 18th St.
New York, New York