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Jacques-Fabien Gautier d’Agoty, French, Muscles of the Back, plate 14 from Myologie complette en couleur et grandeur naturelle (Complete Scientific Study of Muscles in Color and Life-Size), 1746.  Color mezzotint.  Philadelphia Museum of Art, Purchased with the SmithKline Beckman Corporation Fund, 1968, 1968-25-79n, TL42415.2.  Image: Courtesy of the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Gallery Talk: Dare to Know: Prints and Drawings in the Age of Enlightenment


Join Ben Sibson, Ph.D. candidate in Harvard’s Department of Human Evolutionary Biology, for an in-depth discussion about the depiction of the human body in selected works on view in the exhibition Dare to Know: Prints and Drawings in the Age of Enlightenment. He will share insights about artists’ representations of the human form, focusing on Jacques-Fabien Gautier d’Agoty’s mezzotint Muscles of the Back.

Featuring approximately 150 works on paper and other related objects, Dare to Know explores how the graphic arts inspired, shaped, and gave immediacy to new ideas in the Enlightenment era by encouraging individuals to follow their own reason when seeking to know more. An illustrated catalogue with 26 thematic essays—an A to Z exploration of the Enlightenment quest for understanding and change—accompanies the exhibition.

Our galleries are full of stories—this series of talks gives visitors a chance to hear the best ones! The talks highlight new works on view, take a fresh look at old favorites, investigate artists’ materials and techniques, and reveal the latest discoveries by curators, conservators, fellows, visiting artists, technologists, and other contributors.

Led by:
Ben Sibson, Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Human Evolutionary Biology, Harvard University, and Head Teaching Fellow

Gallery talks are limited to 18 people, and it is required that you reserve your place. At 10am the day of the event, reservations will open and may be arranged online through this form. The gallery talk reservation will also serve as your general museum reservation. If required, visitors will pay the museum admission fee upon arrival.

Please meet in the Calderwood Courtyard, in front of the digital screens between the shop and the admissions desk.

Please see the museum visit page to learn about our general policies for visiting the museum.

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