Charlotte Lees

  • July 15, 2011 08:38

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River’s Edge, 48x96x4″, wood, paint
Vases Wood, paint transfers, mesh “35 x 11 x 2 “ $995.00
Woodland Nymphs I Wood, paint. bark 60x16x2″ $2900

Using nature as my springboard, I create optimistic, energetic and playful images. Content is of primary importance in my work. Most recently I have used the “leaf shape” as my sculptural foundation. Layering and adding a variety of materials helps embellish and define my carved wood sculptures.

Working in a variety of materials (bronze, stone, stainless steel and wood), I am not restricted to just one process. This gives me the freedom to explore exciting combinations while creating my sculptures. I am constantly expanding my artistic vocabulary and look forward to the challenges of developing new sculptural images.

I have successfully completed many public and private art commissions, as well as community service projects. Working with a committee and the energy created by the exchange of ideas is a process I enjoy and excel at.

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DeChant Art Consulting, LLC

DeChant Art, LLC is dedicated to bringing you the highest quality in art consulting and representation. I strive to assist clients in building an art collection that is both tasteful and of value. While helping clients build their art collections I have researched a number of artists based in the United States and internationally.

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