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  • November 01, 2011

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Sarah K. Lamb, Peonies with Self Portrait, 2011
Sarah K. Lamb, Sunflowers, 2011

Spanierman Gallery is pleased to announce the opening on November 10, 2011 of Sarah Lamb, presenting new still lifes in the venerable tradition of the eighteenth-century French painter Jean-Baptiste-Siméon Chardin and the seventeenth-century Dutch and Flemish painters of the Golden Age.  Depicting humble forms of everyday life bathed in a delicately varied light, Lamb's paintings capture the rhythmic cadences of her motifs, revealing their beauty, while reminding us of their worldly transience.

Lamb honed her art by absorbing the lessons of European academic painting.  She began her training in Italy and at L'Ecole Albert Defois in Les Cerqueux sous Passavant, in France's Loire Valley. Moving to New York in 1996, she trained with Jacob Collins at his Water Street Atelier during its early years. She also attended New York's Art Students League and received instruction from Sarah Brown in Atlanta. 

Sarah Lamb's still lifes remind us to stay aware and awake to the life around us. As the British-born art critic, John A. Parks, noted recently: "Sarah Lamb brings to her work a robustly sensual grasp of the world. Her keenness of eye and joyful brush make the whole enterprise feel freshly alive as she reminds us what the really wonderful things in life are."

Sarah K. Lamb, Dusty Bottle with Onions, 2011

Lamb was featured in a recent solo exhibition, held at the New Britain Museum of American Art, Connecticut, from August 13 to October 30, 2011.

Sarah Lamb

November 10-December 10, 2011

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