"Get Rich Viewing This Painting" is the Title of Greg Furie's Newest Symbol Painting

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  • September 15, 2012

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"Get Rich Viewing This Painting"
Greg Furie

Greg Furie has created a Suburbia Symbol Oil Painting called, "Get Rich Viewing This Painting."

When asked why he named his symbol painting, "Get Rich Viewing This Painting," Furie replied, "the people who see this painting are going to associate the title of it with what they see in the painting.  For example, this Symbol Painting is Universal in Nature. If some one is thinking, what riches do I want? The person can study my painting.  Ideas will come to mind for that person regarding what riches they want.  This painting will help the individual see what kinds of riches they want in life, and create new and exciting internalizations for that person.  My sincere hope is that new ideas are created for people that give them hope, and they can develop a plan for their future."

Furie adds, "we all could use help in this area of our lifes, so I choose to help people with my gift."

"What riches do you see when viewing "Get Rich Viewing This Painting?"

"I think Furie is on to something really big here," says Poll.  I haven't see anything like his Suburbia Symbol Paintings, and I hope he continues doing them."

Jack Poll
Jack Poll, Artist Agent

Jack Poll, Art Dealer

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