Zinaїda Supports US Vets Bringing ART REHUB to NYC | Ukrainian Artist Conducts Art Rehabilitation Workshops 
for US Veterans Suffering from PTSD

  • NEW YORK, New York
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  • June 29, 2018

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ART REHUB is a volunteer-based initiative which provides psychological rehabilitation in a group setting for those who have suffered trauma.

Zinaїda, the renowned Ukrainian multidisciplinary artist, has recently initiated the ART REHUB program in New York City. ART REHUB is a therapeutic process designed by Zinaїda in Ukraine to support veteran’s psychological recovery by using a specialized art rehabilitation methodology. Coinciding with her first US solo show, 4.5.0., the artist recently held a session for U.S. veterans in New York at WhiteBox and will be holding subsequent classes at local VA centers. In Ukraine, the charitable initiative of ART REHUB has been in place for the past year, working mostly with veterans from the East Ukraine border war. In the United States, a modified version of the project was offered to an American audience in early June. 

All people who lost their values as a result of violence, changes in the mindset,
criminal activities, disease - these are the challenges for me as an artist.  I believe
that art is a language which I am using to address these challenges, bringing
transformations to soothe the pain.”
  Zinaїda, June 2018

These first introductory classes for American veterans were taught by Zinaїda herself and held at Manhattan's primary center and a network of military hospitals, the VA New York Harbor Healthcare System, part of the US Department of Veterans Affairs.  Additional ART REHUB classes are scheduled through the end of July. The initiative has received positive feedback from participants, veterans of all ages from a variety of US military campaigns, as well as the administration, which is interested in continued cooperation with the artist. “I am very pleased that the method of art rehabilitation created in Ukraine can work for the US audience," says Zinaïda. "During class with Ukrainian veterans we have appealed to Ukrainian sacred symbolism, and for sessions with the American veterans, we opted to create amulets with universal symbols. In the future, I would love to conduct joint classes, which would include veterans from both the Ukraine and USA.” 

The art therapy practice at ARTREHUB is built around the "Red Thread Technique," a means of enhancing connectedness, which was developed by the project's founder, Zinaïda Kubar.

Drawing a personal symbol – a talisman -- is one of the main techniques of the of the art rehabilitation method developed by the artist. The interaction with these symbols largely reflects the essence of the method, which is based on Ukrainian cultural symbolism and practices of folk crafts. Studying them for many years, Zinaïda realized that the interaction with sacred archaic characters has a healing effect on a person’s inner being. 

In addition to the VA hospital, the charitable organization Sing for Hope has also invited Zinaïda to bring ART REHUB classes to their rehabilitation program, which is offered to veterans at the oldest hospital in the Bronx. 

 Zinaїda’s dedication to supporting veterans transcends her own community as she seeks to develop the program globally. The universal approach is already resonating with participants, "The experience I had with Zinaїda's rehabilitation art therapy was quite unique. Although I believe it is Zinaїda's main objective to connect and aid traumatized combatant soldiers through her method, I am confident that anyone would benefit from this unique experience" -  Leo Ramirez, US Air Force Veteran 

About Zinaïda | www.zinaida.studio| @zinaidastudio

Zinaïda Kubar, known as Zinaïda, was born in Kyiv, Ukraine in 1975. She studied art and architecture until the break-up the Soviet Union in 1991  and witnessed the rise of an independent Ukraine which ushered in profound economic transformation. The tumultuous circumstances that Zinaïda experienced first-hand through two revolutions stirred in Zinaïda a sense of purpose behind her art and a desire to use the power of art to heal the soul. 

About 4.5.0.

Ukrainian multidisciplinary artist Zinaïda makes her US solo debut at the nonprofit art space, WhiteBox, titled “4.5.0.” The show focuses on images and myths that reflect women’s issues and female identity by drawing inspiration from Ukraine’s culture, heritage, and symbols.  The title refers to a code originally used by the Ukrainian military that means everything is “okay” or “at peace” but was later transformed by the community as a wish for everyday peace and harmony.  The show runs through July 5th.

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ART REHUB is a volunteer-based initiative which provides psychological rehabilitation in a group setting for those who have suffered trauma, primarily during the ongoing war in Ukraine. The art therapy practice at ART REHUB is built around the "Red Thread Technique," a means of enhancing connectedness, which was developed by the project's founder, Zinaida Kubar. Zinaida believes that today's artist has an obligation to be socially oriented. The events of the last years in the Eastern part of Ukraine intensified her belief and prompted her to found ART REHUB, as a response to an urgent need. Follow us on Facebook @ART REHUB. For additional information, questions regarding the cooperation and support of the project, please contact the project manager of ART REHUB, Ekaterina Golovchenko at +380 99 66 37 900 or info@artrehub.org.

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