Suzy Levian Celebrates Self-Empowerment with the Secret Diamond Gem Collection

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  • November 14, 2022

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The Star Topaz and Secret Diamond Ring by Suzy Levian
Image courtesy of Suzy Levian

Second generation fine jewelry designer and entrepreneur, Suzy Levian, empowers women to embrace the hidden beauty within themselves. A mother of six, a business owner, and a creative powerhouse, Suzy has developed a new concept for setting diamonds into cocktail rings, symbolizing the individual strength, indestructibility and sparkle each woman carries within her soul. The new Secret Diamond Gem Collection is available online and in select retailers and is the perfect “me gift” for the holiday season, or to start the new year.

Emulating motifs associated with feminine energy, the Secret Diamond Gem Collection illustrates the strength of women, and the beauty held within. The Golden Citrine and Secret Diamond Ring presents a layer of white diamonds protected by a cushion cut citrine gemstone, framed in a 14K rose gold bar setting. The warmth produced by the citrine has a semblance of a cozy fire, symbolic of the warmth women provide loved ones day-to-day. 

“In the world today, there is so much judgment around superficial beauty and it has made such a huge impact on how women perceive themselves. My goal is to change that ideology and remind women of The Secret Diamond within them. True beauty isn't from the large unique gemstone we show on the outside, it's from the diamonds that shine through from within,” says Jeweler and Designer Suzy Levian of the innovative collection.

The Monarch Amethyst and Secret Diamond Ring by Suzy Levian
Image courtesy of Suzy Levian

The Afterglow Amethyst and Secret Diamond Ring features a bed of white diamonds topped by a cushion cut purple amethyst, held in a split prong 14K rose gold setting. The profile of the band is engraved with French filigree detail, adding detail and depth. This piece emphasizes the strength of women with its split prong setting and sheltered bed of white diamonds. As a gemstone, amethysts are known for their calming energy and protective qualities. This ring is an homage to one’s inner calming energy, for peace, as well as to one’s inner warrior, for protection as needed. The Hexad Amethyst, Ruby and Secret Diamond Ring features an elongated hexagon cut purple amethyst above a layer of white diamonds and red rubies, haloed by a row of white diamonds set in a 14K rose gold tiger prong setting. The number six, as the sides of the hexagon, represent perfection, wisdom and love, specifically self-love for the wearer. The Monarch Amethyst and Secret Diamond Ring features a secret butterfly underneath, made with white diamonds, round amethysts, and an oval cut  chrome diopside, set below by a cushion cut purple amethyst, in a 14K rose gold setting, with pave white diamonds across the band. This piece demonstrates the transformative power each woman holds within, as well as her freedom. Like the ring’s namesake, each wearer is a queen, and the creator of her own destiny. 

The Golden Citrine and Secret Diamond Ring, by Suzy Levian
Image courtesy of Suzy Levian

The Star Topaz and Secret Diamond Ring highlights a star, made of white diamonds, shining through a pentagon-shaped green blue topaz center stone, which is tiger-prong set and surrounded by a halo of sapphires. It has white diamonds across the band, set in 14K white gold. The bright color and eccentric design are the ultimate nod to the power, strength, and beauty women have within. From our world, one looks up at the stars, but metaphorically women are rockstars, and this ring celebrates that. 

For Suzy, parenthood directly inspired her to develop a new symbolic setting for fine jewelry. “Going through the daily struggles of raising my six children, I understood the importance of teaching my daughters to feel empowered and for them to recognize that their true beauty lies within themselves.” says Suzy Levian. “This collection has been a dream of mine to create for so many years, to be an example for my daughters and for all other women and their daughters.”

The Suzy Levian Secret Diamond Gem Collection, groundbreaking in its design, offers a fresh and literal perspective on how to wear one’s strength and power hidden in plain sight. Offering reawakening of self-empowerment, and a wearable way to recognize one’s accomplishments, journey, pain and joys, the Secret Diamond Gem Collection is the ultimate “me jewelry.” "It's not about the diamonds you wear, rather the diamonds you keep in your heart,” says Suzy Levian.

To shop the Suzy Levian’s Secret Diamond Gem Collection visit, call 516-918-9998 or email 

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About Suzy Levian

Suzy Levian is the youngest of the five children of Mr. A. LeVian, the founder of LeVian Corp. While working with her brothers at LeVian Corp., Suzy opened her own business, with the goal of empowering women through beautiful, affordable jewelry designs for all. Her signature collections are renowned for their breathtaking juxtaposition of gemstones and curves. Passionate and energizing, Suzy Levian creates provocative, elegant accessories catering to women invigorating their inner power.

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