Dolphin Promotions and Ronati Partner Up To Help Art and Antiques Dealers Thrive

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  • October 07, 2021

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Ronati Founder & CEO, Stacey Tiveron: "The more we work together, the stronger our industry becomes."

Leading US art and antiques trade fair organizer, Dolphin Promotions, and UK/US tech firm Ronati today announced a joint partnership.

The art and antiques industry has witnessed mass online migration over the past two years. Former boundaries have become blurred as the live events and e-commerce industries join forces to benefit their mutual clients—dealers. By effortlessly expanding sales channels between both real-world live events and the online marketplaces that serve the industry—the Ronati alliance helps Dolphin dealers and exhibitors thrive through the current global health crisis.

Dolphin Promotions is best known for organizing a well-attended series of 17th, 18th, 19th-century art, vintage, antiques, and design fairs across the U.S--as well as the most relevant top-tiered 20th C Modern Palm Springs Modernism show. Ronati has built a solid reputation designing and building technologies to help the art, vintage, and antiques industries thrive. The Ronati eCommerce Manager (eCM) is the industry’s only comprehensive inventory and multi-marketplace management tool.

In a symbiotic relationship, the newly joined forces enable sellers of one-of-a-kind items to effortlessly manage their stock online and offline from a single location—eradicating hours of endless frustration spent uploading and tracking item details and images on multiple sites. It frees up sellers for what’s truly important: researching, finding, and selling more beautiful pieces to buyers.

“The best advice is to do as much as you can to get yourself out there,” notes Dolphin Fairs President Rosemary Krieger.

“I believe in the online marketplaces. They help. They don’t hurt our shows. They give the dealers an opportunity to get their merchandise out there.  Somebody might also look on an online marketplace, see the dealer on our website and say ‘Hey, I can see this person at a Dolphin show in Houston, Chicago, Palm Springs, or elsewhere.’ It makes me happy when a dealer comes and I can help them get started in a new market. This alliance with Ronati will expand the reach of our shows and exhibitors to a worldwide community of collectors in both the live and online spaces. We’re proud to partner up. “

Ronati Founder and CEO, Stacey Tiveron, responds:

“Dolphin Promotions brings serious collectors, buyers, and members of the design community together. They do this through 13+ shows across North America with highly curated unique items for sale to the public. Rosemary Krieger and the Dolphin team share a common goal to help art and antiques dealers prosper. It is our aim to support their live events calendar, help get more attendees and keep our industry and dealers thriving as a whole. The more we work together, the stronger our industry becomes. The partnership with Dolphin exemplifies that spirit.”

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