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  • November 19, 2020

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Lather Up by Canadian artist Tim Forbes
Tim Forbes Studios
Second Floor Water, First Floor Fire, 2020
Leslie Molina Studios

In connection with these unprecedented times, we hope your are safely social distancing and following the authorities recommendations to - wash your hands often, avoid large gatherings and wear a mask to protect your family, friends, co-workers and yourself, and to curb the spread of this pesky COVID virus which the world continues to battle.

In your downtime, we invite you to enjoy our interviews, musings and conversations such as with former NASA engineer, now a sculptor concerned with all things energy; our spotlight of a Los Angeles collector whose activities in art collecting and patronage are driven by tradition and pure passion. Don’t miss our check in with Brooklyn New York’s #WasteRebel and her innovative work in recycling and advancing sustainable living, all topics in which we hold robust interest and passion and want to share with you. Enjoy the articles which are worthy of your time.

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Also, we plan to profile destinations in the Caribbean and bring you sneak peeks of our favorite wines and the chateaux which produce them, as well asVegan dishes and the chefs and restaurants who make and serve them. 

Lastly but not least, our artists spotlight will look at the body of work by emerging and mid-career artists whose practice inspires and we hope will move you.

Who are we? A newsletter called,  “We are please to Host on our Radar”, an ode to cherished experiences, people and professional encounters and the gracious hosts who have invited me into their private existence, resulting in some of my most enriching experiences in art, culture, destinations and wine.

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Antiguan Vegan Food
Google Archives

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Visual Credits:

  1. Lather Up, 2020 - Canadian artist Tim Forbes

  2. Second Floor Water, First Floor Fire, 2020. Leslie Molina Studios
  3. Antiguan Vegan Dish, Google Archives

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