Lucid Design District’s FRESCO Art Exhibition Opens on May 4th in Miami

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  • April 05, 2023

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Lucid Design District, Miami Design District’s newest art gallery, announces its Spring/Summer exhibition titled FRESCO. The exhibition will feature 12 international artists that will showcase new works that identify with the concept of “a fresh start”. From the textile art by Silvina Chialva, to mixed media works by Hiba Alyawer, oil paintings by Tanja Ličina, and digital by Victoria Lopez, art collectors will find a great diversity of artistic media.

“These artists combine young, daring, agile expressions, alive in themselves and a refined purity that materializes a sense of freshness in the soul,” comments Graciela Montich the exhibition’s curator and an exhibiting artist. Montich will show a new series of paintings made with oils and acrylics on pure linen canvas.

Participating Artists

Alejandra Stier (Argentina) – Acrylic Paintings: Fluidity and metamorphosis are dominant in Stier’s paintings. In a new body of works titled “Volar”, the hummingbird’s movement denotes an out-of-body experience, and more significantly, the transfer of sustenance to form new life.

Anne Beatriz (Brazil) – Acrylic Paintings: Beatriz often incorporates lace and thread in her style, thus invoking the sense of touch in her art. Leveraging spray paints, oil chalk, acrylic inks and much more, she creates color rich art.

Emilie Gosselin (Canada) – Mixed Media: Gosselin works her paintings in successive layers. She mixes dripping, knife technique and brushes in her work. She loves working with epoxy resin to complete her works. She will reveal a new series that incorporates gold and silver leaf, and Swarovski crystals.

Graciela Montich (Argentina) – Oils on Pure Chilean Linen: Montich expresses her interest for the natural world, which she defines as the physical and material world that remains in its original state without the intervention of human beings.

Hiba Alyawer (Washington D.C.) – Mixed Media:  Alyawer’s paintings and sculptures are infused with vivid and bright colors and varied textures. Scratches and splashes of paint represent life’s unexpected surprises.

Payal Tak (Miami) – Mixed Media: Tak uses untextured paint to develop textures without mixing external mediums but by simply placing layers upon layers on each other. She uses kitchen tools to give shapes to her works.

Robert Frankel (Chicago) – Acrylic Paintings: Frankel’s artwork is intuitive and non-conceptual. His paintings feature contrasting bright colors with unusual shapes and patterns.

Sandra De Souza (Peru) – Mixed Media: De Souza’s Peruvian roots are a strong influence on her style, characterized by unique, organic textures and bold, bright colors. She creates mostly larger-scale pieces, from abstract to surrealist-inspired mixed media paintings.

Silvina Chialva (Argentina) – Textile Art: Chialva’s pieces are done entirely on wool felt, which is cut, dyed, and knitted by hand piece by piece. Each piece is an eternal journey to Patagonian fields since the wool from the region never loses its smell.

Simi Bhandari (Washington D.C.) – Acrylic Paintings: Bhandari borrows from the visual vocabulary that surrounds us. Form and color play an intense role, as they seek to provide meaning and purpose to these works.

Tanja Ličina (Serbia) – Oil Paintings: Ličina examines different concepts and norms within contemporary societies as well as her own inner worlds mainly focusing on subconscious, absurdity, nothingness, fluidity of time and concept of death/endings, sexual orientation, and gender roles.

Victoria Lopez (Argentina) – Digital Art: Lopez’s work engages with themes that are indicative of the time, often featuring work that is provoking, experimental, and playful. She pushes the boundaries of visual delight as she explores ideas of simplicity, femininity, and movement. 

The artists who will participate are Alejandra Stier (Argentina), Anne Beatriz (Brazil), Emilie Gosselin (Canada), Graciela Montich (Argentina), Hiba Alyawer (Washington D.C.), Robert Frankel (Chicago), Sandra De Souza (Peru), Silvina Chialva (Argentina), Simi Bhandari (Washington D.C.), Tanja Ličina (Serbia), Victoria Lopez (Argentina).


Young at H’Art: Family Program

Saturday, May 6th, 11:00 am – 2:00 pm

Just in time for Mother’s Day, Lucid Design District will host a special event designed for families. Participating children will have a unique opportunity to work alongside artists Hiba Alyawer, Victoria Lopez, Sandra De Souza, and Alejandra Stier and create a small art project.



Lucid Design District
10-12 NE 41 St., Miami, FL 33137
Opening Reception: Thursday, May 4, 2023, | 6-8pm| Free with RSVP
Gallery Hours: 11 am – 5 pm, Tuesday through Saturday. Additional hours by appointment.
Exhibition closes: Sunday, August 13, 2023
Phone: 240-678-6776

About Lucid Design District

Established in 2021 as a studio and exhibition space for founder Payal Tak’s personal artwork, Lucid Design District opened as an art gallery during Art Basel Miami 2022. The gallery is located on Miami Design District’s “art corner” (10-12 NE 41 St. at N. Miami Ave.) next to Museum Garage and across the street from the de la Cruz Collection and the Institute of Contemporary Art, Miami. The idea of Lucid Design District was born from Tak’s desire to connect with the community through collaborative art exchanges. Lucid Design District will host group exhibitions, educational art talks, and artist networking events. The 3700-sf space is also an ideal environment for design-focused networking events and features a large reception or performance area; 8 curio-style ‘idea spaces’ for solo artist showcases or breakout sessions; a full-size kitchen; and 75’ long outdoor seating or parking area with lights; and a large wall for art installations.

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