Long-time PR Consultant Roz Joseph Group Launches Newsletter - “We are Pleased to Host on Our Radar”

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  • October 31, 2020

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Diagram of the Middle intersection
Leslie Molina Studios
Conrad Egyir: “Facsimile,” 2020. Oil, acrylic, mixed media on canvas
Galstian Advisory

A global pandemic, followed by mandated quarantine and lockdown in New York City served to accumulate hours of uncommitted time. For the protagonist and and long-time consultant of Roz Joseph Group, New York this meant the opportunity to recount myriad work experiences and people encountered over years during international travels mostly for work. Representing a global brand which served as a partner to art fairs, the charge over years was to communicate the organization's business capabilities, amplify its brand visibility, support stewards of art and to implement targeted public relations activities.

And so, a homespun newsletter was born.


What is now evident and revealed in conversations, is the value those years of IN PERSON attendance and parallel experiences at the leading art shows and art events reveal. Art fairs, including Art Basel, ADAA, The Armory, Frieze, AIPAD Photography Show, Art Toronto, Expo Chicago, Palm Beach Art Fair, SP-Arte, Zona Maco and "the big daddy of them all" – The European Fine Art Fair (TEFAF) – served as hubs to experience and create lasting memories based on encounters with compelling art, art lovers, conversations and events – amidst a world of of magic, created by artists "out of nothing."


With travel restrictions now in place, "We Are Pleased to Host on Our Radar"serves as an ode to those years of visiting and working at art destinations;learning about art and conditions for its care; meeting phenomenal artists and engaging with, and learning about, their art practices; creating friendships, alliances and relationships with art world colleagues and experts. As we grow, part of the newsletter will be also be dedicated to sustainable topics, things we enjoy such as a good bottle of wine, Vegan food and unique destinations.

“Kenya.” 2019
Roz Joseph Group


We encourage readers to take pleasure in what serves them best and is worthy of their time. Some posts that may hold interest:

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Join us to receive bi-weekly issues of Q & A's, artist profiles, curious pursuits, cultural and lifestyle topics and people who inspire and excite us.






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