By Far The Most Intense Calligraphy Drawings In The World Done By Greg Furie

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  • September 21, 2012

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"Prime Real Estate" Calligraphy Drawing by Greg Furie

"Greg Furie does the most intense calligraphy drawings I've ever seen,"  says Jack Poll, Furie's good friend & art dealer.

You're probably wondering why Furie's calligraphy drawings are so intense.  Here's the reason why:

"I don't draw calligraphy like a calligrapher would.  No, I use a calligraphy pen with a very fine nib and India Black Ink to draw the finest, tiniest, most expressive lines & designs that I possibly can.  It's very pain staking work, but the outcome is definitely worth the effort," says Furie.

High profile art dealer Christophe Van De Weghe purchased one of Greg's calligraphy drawings after viewing it online. 

"Now, you know a guy like Christophe Van De Weghe isn't going to waste his time & money purchasing a calligraphy drawing unless he knows that one day he'll be able to cash in on it," says Greg.

Furie is currently taking commissions on his calligraphy drawings. 

You can reach him @


Greg Furie


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