Tracy Matthews Launches “The Desired Brand Effect,” a How-To Guide for Thriving Jewelry Businesses

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  • November 09, 2021

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The Desired Brand Effect: Stand Out in a Saturated Market with a Timeless Jewelry Brand” by Tracy Matthews.
Image courtesy of Tracy Matthews.

Internationally renowned jewelry designer, entrepreneur, mentor and podcast host, Tracy Matthews, has spent the last twenty-five years building three successful seven figure businesses. Inspiring owners to shift one’s mindset and become a Chief Visionary Officer, Matthews introduces practical applications for jewelers and makers looking to scale up. As founder of jewelry business accelerator, Flourish & Thrive Academy, Tracy has advised hundreds of designers, trademarking The Desired Brand Effect system, which helps designers bring their offline businesses online. “The Desired Brand Effect: Stand Out in a Saturated Market with a Timeless Jewelry Brand,” is Tracy Matthew’s first book, available for sale on November 9, 2021 on Amazon, in paperback, and on Kindle.


“I wrote this book to help jewelry makers identify and solve the problems that they were experiencing in their business. At different points, a business owner will come against roadblocks that prevent them from moving forward or create burnout. The result is complete overwhelm for business owners, low profit margins, and stress. When someone is so close to their problems, it's hard to see the solution. Enter the Desired Brand Effect,” says Tracy Matthews. “I originally developed the methodology to use in my own business, so that I could overcome the problems I was experiencing when my first business started to scale. It helped me overcome bankruptcy, prevent burnout, and re-launch a highly profitable jewelry brand from the inside out. The Desired Brand Effect has been the foundational component of all of our teachings at Flourish & Thrive Academy since 2012, and continues to support thousands of jewelry designers and makers on their business journey.”


In The Desired Brand Effect, Matthews emphasizes the importance of creating desire. She demonstrates how choosing a jewelry genre and design approach guides the development of a collection and signature style. Using client case studies throughout, Tracy applies real world examples for readers, making the book an effective and practical advisory tool. From how to merchandise, to the development of cohesive brand assets, to pricing products for wholesale and retail, topics are addressed in detail. Part of the creation of desire is envisioning who will wear the product, and The Desired Brand Effect walks the designer through visualizing a dream client, then manifesting him or her into actual buyers. The psychology of buying is addressed, from fascination to fear; the text provides empathy and understanding between jeweler and client. A masterful storyteller, Tracy Matthews helps designers consider how to fuel desire through language, emotion and connection.

Tracy Matthews
Image courtesy of Tracy Matthews.


After desire has been created, The Desired Brand Effect System illustrates how to share one’s brand and products with customers. Best practices for in-house marketing are discussed, including statistics showcasing what has and hasn’t work through Flourish & Thrive academy case studies. Matthews shares ideas for value-added content, how to make email campaigns appealing to prospects, creating brand partnerships, and gives practical advice for managing one’s social media posts. With a chapter concentrating entirely on sales, The Desired Brand Effect explores sales avenues available to jewelers, sales mindset reframing for the designer, body language, and closing. Nurturing relationships with customers are key to running a lucrative business, and the book gives readers the confidence to go out and be their own best spokesperson.


The third tier of Tracy Matthews’ Desired Brand Effect System is scaling desire. From creating a business and financial plan, to developing and documenting systems and automation, the book outlines where to invest time now in order to save time and strategically achieve goals sooner. Promoting industry collaboration, thought leadership, and community, Matthews encourages designers to seek expand and scale, whether with contractors and employees, and gives pragmatic advice on hiring, firing, and plateaus. She also addresses belief systems and mindsets that can hold creatives back, or move them forward.

“The Desired Brand Effect book and system is for jewelry designers, makers, artists, and retailers who want to make more with less stress. There are a lot of things a business owner has to do to keep their business profitable, and my hope is that the people reading this book find actionable tips, tools, and resources that they can implement today to see great impact and results,” says Tracy Matthews.  “For start-ups, the Desired Brand Effect will help set a strong foundation for organic growth. For established business owners, the Desired Brand Effect will help them expand their audience to continually grow their sales with repeat customers and referrals so that they are the ‘go-to’ brand. For business owners ready to scale, this book will help create the structure, systems and support needed to reach BIG goals for longevity at scale.”


“The Desired Brand Effect: Stand Out in a Saturated Market with a Timeless Jewelry Brand” is available for $19.95 in paperback on Amazon and $9.95 on Kindle. To learn more, visit, email or call 347-281-0571. For inquiries regarding this press release, contact Pietra Communications at 212-913-9761 or email

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Tracy Matthews
About Tracy Matthews

Tracy Matthews found her passion for jewelry making and design by accident when she stumbled into an elective jewelry making class at Loyola Marymount University. She knew immediately that she'd stumbled upon her purpose. Over the course of 25 years, her collections have been sold in over 350 stores around the world, worn by celebrities like Orlando Bloom and Charlize Theron, and featured in top media outlets like Entrepreneur, Elle and The Today Show. Matthews was even commissioned by Revlon to design a 20-year commemorative piece for Halle Berry. Throughout her entrepreneurial journey, Tracy experienced many ups and downs, which led her to develop a methodology to help other jewelry brands solve problems and scale their sales to create a highly profitable, purpose driven business that provides financial security and lifestyle freedom for its owner. Tracy Matthews is the author of “The Desired Brand Effect™️: How to Stand Out in a Saturated Jewelry Market with a Timeless Brand,” Co-founder of Flourish & Thrive Academy, and Host of top-rated podcast, Thrive by Design.

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