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  • January 23, 2020

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Erik Parra, Monster in the Mirror
Angelo Marinelli , Tokyo Night

Ungalleried, a new online art platform bringing the traditional gallery model into a global and digital age has launched with a special focus on highlighting artists from all corners of the world. The platform which represents emerging and contemporary artists on an international scale aims to improve the accessibility of the art world, selling original artworks and limited edition prints starting from £100 up to £10,000.

Aimed as a resource for everyone from the first time art buyer to the seasoned art collector, Ungalleried is a valuable tool whereby collectors and artists can discover new talent and increase their visibility on a global scale.

Ungalleried takes collectors behind the scenes through their magazine and social media channels, granting access into the artist’s studio where subscribers can gain insight into their creative practices, bringing their works and narratives to life. Buyers are encouraged to utilise the platforms tech solutions, including a specially developed feature allowing users to place an artwork onto the walls of their home before completing the purchase. Ungalleried also offers a free art advisory service led by their team of expert curators to support collectors in their journey through the arts.

The online gallery model invests in enabling talented emerging artists gain visibility, including those who in the past may have faced obstacles when trying to enter the art market. Founder and CEO of Ungalleried, Simi Launay, an artist, collector and economist was inspired to build the platform after experiencing first-hand the challenges of seeking gallery representation.

Sarah Owusu

Many emerging and talented artists are denied access to the art market, often for several reasons including; limited space, expensive physical overheads, extensive demands of exhibitions and, all too often, a narrow conception of what fits the artistic mould. Launay found that the majority of galleries were overwhelmed by the high number of applications and often unable to respond or give constructive criticism. Through building Ungalleried she has created a sophisticated and fresh market for emerging artists and collectors.

Artists from all over the world can apply to be featured on Ungalleried, artworks are individually reviewed by a specialist team of curators from varying backgrounds, with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the art world. Curators focus on emerging, diverse and undiscovered artistic talent, constantly looking to ensure that each new entrant will benefit the entire network of Ungalleried, in turn building a diverse and prestigious community of artists and patrons.

Simi Launay says:

“I made it my mission to build an institution that I wanted to exist to represent me after finding my path as an artist was limited. A global institution that was inclusive and gave artists a fair chance at being discovered whilst upholding high artistic standards. Ungalleried is about empowering artists, challenging the status quo, reaffirming and embodying the true definition of a patron to artists by enabling and encouraging them to take their financial futures into their own hands.”

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