Beauvince Jewelry Launches the Radiance Collection this Holiday Season

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  • October 24, 2022

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Ariana Diamond Necklace by Beauvince Jewelry
Image courtesy of Beauvince Jewelry

Beauvince Jewelry has a mantra, “with beauty, one conquers.” The atelier’s dedication to craftsmanship, is matched by its exceptional quality and customer service. Developing diamond-forward designs for bridal, every day and red carpet looks, Beauvince works one-on-one with clients to create custom fine jewelry symbolizing love of others, and self-love. Embracing playfulness and sophistication this holiday season, Beauvince is launching Radiance, a luxurious diamond jewelry collection that sparkles with color and interesting diamond combinations, celebrating light.


Second generation Jeweler and Curator, Komal Bajaj, says “The Radiance Collection is extremely personal to me. I love classic timeless pieces. During the pandemic I was blessed with 2 little girls and pinks have loomed larger in my personal life as a result. To me, the collection celebrates birth, even rebirth speaking as a relatively new mom, and just simple joys and happiness. It also reflects on the turn in our lives from the stresses and fears of a pandemic ridden world to a newer relatively jovial time thankful for and celebrating that which we do have in the moment. It is amazing how even a hint of color uplifts the mind and the mood.”


Combining baguette diamonds to give the illusion of a princess cut, Beauvince gives wearers and their admirers a delightful conversation-starter. The elegant Azea Diamond Tennis Necklace displays 18.37 cts. of diamonds graduating sizes, within the alternating round brilliant and baguette pattern, set in 18K white gold, offering a contemporary twist to a classic style. Matching this timeless necklace is the Azea Diamond Tennis Bracelet, with 11.18 ct. diamonds and round brilliant and baguette cuts set in white gold, for a provocative pairing. Complete the suite look with the Azea Diamond Earrings, featuring 3.71 cts. diamonds, continuing the drop alternating pattern with size variations, for a modern design. This elevated update to a classic style is the perfect gift for the sharply accessorized.

Azea Diamond Earrings by Beauvince Jewelry
Image courtesy of Beauvince Jewelry


For a gala-worthy holiday look, and an homage to Beauvince’s continuing legacy of high jewels, the Arianna Suite features rare pink diamonds, alongside a mixed platinum and rose gold setting, for a statement design. The Ariana Diamond Necklace contains 17.76 cts. diamonds magnificently set in platinum and rose gold, sweeping the neckline with its elegant combination of white marquise and rounds, accompanied by a dramatic statement pear drop. The  Ariana Diamond Earrings are comprised of 6.91 cts. diamonds in a rose gold and platinum setting, with oval and emerald cuts encircled by small round pink diamond halos, conjoined by a white marquise cut and larger pink diamond. The memorable final touch is the Ariana Engagement Ring, featuring a 1.08 ct. oval diamond center stone encircled by 0.98 ct. of round pink diamonds and white  pear diamonds, set in both rose gold and platinum. Exquisite and decorative, this suite perfectly sets the festive tone for a holiday party or dress, with its joyful design.


“Fancy Pinks diamonds comprise of only .001% of all mined diamonds per the GIA, so these gems are as rare and as expensive as it gets. We created the Ariana suite to bring the luxury and softness of pinks closer to home while attempting to capture value and affordability. The Ariana Suite is unique in that it features smaller pink diamonds, juxtaposed with larger white diamonds, which make the pink and the white pop simultaneously in an almost magical way. To us, the Ariana Suite is the perfect gift to spoil someone with love this holiday or to celebrate oneself,” says Komal Bajaj Sankar.

Peek a Boo Diamond Ring by Beauvince Jewelry
Image courtesy of Beauvince Jewelry


Designed with the fun and bold colors of the holiday season in mind, the Fire Ruby and Diamond Bangle makes a statement, balancing rubies with round diamonds, encased within a twisted metal halo bangle. Similar and stackable, the Ice Sapphire and Diamond Bangle alternates round sapphires with diamonds, complementing the holiday look. Accompany the bangle stack with the  Cynthia Diamond and Gemstone Band, featuring 2.52 cts. of blue sapphires, pink rubies, and white diamonds in a diagonal pattern, for a bold look. Celebrate the holidays with friends and family, and Beauvince Jewelry as a modern heirloom.


Beauvince works one-on-one with private clients and retailers to create custom fine jewelry for the perfect milestone or celebratory gift. Designing with only natural and untreated, responsibly sourced conflict-free diamonds and precious gemstones, the atelier offers a lifetime warranty to both trade and private clients. For bespoke diamond design, visit the Beauvince Process online to learn more about consultations, CAD rendering, and the development of one-of-a-kind engagement rings. For holiday orders, ready pieces will be shipped within three days, and customized pieces range from a one to three week turnaround.


To learn more about Beauvince Jewelry, visit, call 646-775-8724 or email

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About Beauvince Jewelry

Beauvince Jewelry seeks to cherish dreams, desires, and strengths of jewelry lovers through diamonds, the strongest substance found in nature. Beauvince believes that all individuals are beautiful and unique, and the company strives to create designs that meet specific client needs. Conceptualized as modern heirlooms, to be passed down through generations, each piece of Beauvince Jewelry is timeless, merging the creativity, quality and value the company is renowned for.

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