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  • June 18, 2012

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Carole Feuerman sculptures loomed large in the booth of Timothy Yarger at the 2012 LA Art Show.


The Palm Beach Show Group is pleased to announce the acquisition of the Los Angeles Art Show from the Fine Art Dealers Association (FADA). The acquisition that closed Wednesday includes the Los Angeles Fine Art Show: Modern & Contemporary and the Los Angeles Fine Art Show: Historic and Traditional. A specialized section within these shows, The Los Angeles IFPDA Fine Print Fair, will continue to function under the auspices of the International Fine Print Dealers Association (IFPDA) but will be produced and managed by the existing Los Angeles Art Show production team.

The annual Los Angeles Art Show, created by FADA more than 17 years ago, is one of the longest running venues for contemporary, modern, and traditional art in the country. The 2012 show hosted more than 100 prominent galleries and drew more than 50,000 visitors with its two-show concept that distinctly separates modern and contemporary works from historical and traditional exhibits. The progressive show style provides two individual concepts under one roof and garners the appeal of an expansive international audience.

“The Los Angeles Art Show is uniquely diverse and is certainly one of the most interesting shows in the world,” stated Scott Diament, CEO of the Palm Beach Show Group. “We would like to thank FADA for developing a world class event with such a magnetic and international draw. We are confident that under our direction this show will be taken to the next level.”

The Palm Beach Show Group, headquartered in Palm Beach County, FL, currently owns and produces four nationally acclaimed shows including its’ signature Palm Beach Jewelry, Art & Antique Show, now in its tenth year.

In conjunction with Kim Martindale, the 17 year General Manager of the Los Angeles Art Show, the LA Art Show, Inc. will combine the large organizational strength of the Palm Beach Show Group with the managerial and local expertise of the KR Martindale team, to continue to produce high quality fairs. 

Betina Tasende, President of the Fine Art Dealers Association stated, “As a well-respected organization of art galleries, FADA continues to fully support the Los Angeles Art Show. It has been a part of our association for the past 17 years and we are confident the Palm Beach Show Group has the necessary enthusiasm and infrastructure to grow this event appropriately.”

With historic ties to Far Eastern exhibitors and collectors, the Los Angeles Art Show merges the West Coast arts community with premiere Asian art presented by galleries from China, Korea and the United States. These galleries offer a rare glimpse into classical and modern Asian Arts. International highlights of the show also include prestigious European galleries and extraordinary South American exhibitors.

“The city of Los Angeles has established itself over the last 20 years as one of the most important art centers in the United States and the Los Angeles Art Show has been an important factor in making this happen,” stated Martindale, “We believe that the show will flourish under the direction of the Palm Beach Show Group. This transition will surely be smooth, and one that we have been looking forward to for quite some time.”

Plans for the show include the expansion of Modern and Contemporary components, an area in which the Palm Beach Show Group projects a massive potential.

“Our extensive marketing efforts will make an immense impact on the reach and participation associated with this show,” stated Diament. “We believe we possess all of the elements to take something as great as the Los Angeles Art Show and make it exceptional.”

The Palm Beach Show Group is currently welcoming applications for inclusion in the LA Art Show 2013 from national and international galleries. For more information about the Los Angeles Art Show, send inquiries

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