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Preview of The LA Art Show: Modern & Contemporary and The Los Angeles Fine Art Show: Historic & Traditional

The LA Art Show: Modern & Contemporary and The Los Angeles Fine Art Show: Historic & Traditional will feature more than 100 galleries from around the world offering over 10,000 works of art as well as expanded show programming. The show attracted 40,000 visitors in 2011 and organizers expect that the 2012 edition, held from Jan. 18 to 22 at the Los Angeles Convention Center (West Halls A and B), will be the most innovative and eclectic show to date. (Read more below the slideshow.)

LOUIS VALTAT, Vase de Fleurs, Oil on canvas, 21 3/8 x 25 ¾ inches (54.3 x 65.4 cm), Schiller & Bodo European Paintings Auguste Rodin, Minotaur, Square-based version 1883-1885 Bronze 22 1:4 x 23 x 5:8" Galerie Michael. Henry le MONNIER, La Chablisienne, lithograph in colours, 1926, 63 x 40ins.  (Barclay Samson Ltd) Xie Aige, Cats and women, bronze, 62cm x 44cm x 38cm,2010.  Mingjia Gallery. Gianfranco Meggiato, Sphere Shell Bronze.  D23,6'', 2011.  Energenesi Art Gallery Reading Room at the China Pavilion Marshennikov, Softness, 2011, 32x24, oil on canvas, s r.  Brennen Gallery. Antonio Jacobsen (1850 - 1921) The Nathaniel Blake.  Oil on canvas, 20 3/4" x 35 1/4".  1878.  Rehs Galleries Reggianini, La Soiree.  Oil On Canvas, 27X37 in.  M.S.  Rau Antiques Edgar Payne, Lake in the Sierra Mountains.  Oil on Canvas, 25" x 30".  The Redfern Gallery. Jean Mannheim, The Artists Daughters.  Oil on Canvas.  47 x 38.  William A Karges Fine Art Kawase Hasui (1883-1957) "Taisho Pond, Kamikochi" Japanese Woodblock print.  Size is approximately 15" x 10" ca.  1927.  Egenolf Gallery Japanese Henri Lebasque, Sur la Terrasse à Morgat, oil on canvas, 23 3:4 x 29 inches (60 x 73 cm), c.  1924, Schiller & Bodo European Paintings. Jessie Arms Botke, White and Gold, oil on canvas, 34 x 40 in., 1927.  William A Karges Fine Art. Jules-Alexis Muenier, Net Fishing in the Brook, Bonnaud, Oil on canvas, 15 x 18 ¼ inches (38 x 46.4 cm), Schiller & Bodo European Paintings. Edgar DEGAS (1834-1917) Après le Bain, c.  1892.  Original pastel over counterproof14 x 21 3:4 inches (35.56 x 55.25 cm).  Galerie Michael. Lucretia Van Horn, Seated Woman.  Oil on canvas 30"x21".  Ca.  1927.  Spencer Jon Helfen Fine Arts. Cecilia Paredes,Meditative Mermaid, performance photography,40 x 40 inches. Damien Hirst,Leaf Green: Oriental Gold: Westminster Blue.  Paul Stolper Gallery. Leger, Marie, L'Acrobat.  Denis Bloch. Eva Carter, Moontide.  Oil on Canvas.  66" x 60".  2011.  Pippin Contemporary, Santa Fe, NM. Ernesto Javier Fernandez, Ideas.  Black and white photography with neon light sculpture, aluminum frame.  31.5 x 47 inches.  2011.  Salt Fine Art. Cathy Cunningham-Little.  Blue Dot for Meditation Neon, Mixed Media.  36" x 36" x 8" 2011.  Chandra Cerrito Contemporary

The Opening Night Premiere Party, hosted by actor David Arquette, kicks-off on Wednesday, January 18, with proceeds to support The Art of Elysium and Title One School Visits to The Getty Museum. For more information about the Opening Night Premiere Party or to purchase tickets, please visit

A special installation that evening by artist and iconic musician from DEVO, Mark Mothersbaugh, will feature an interactive sculpture of two Scions fused together. Visitors can go inside the sculpture and listen to music. The LA Art Show: Modern & Contemporary will offer a ‘first look’ at the sculpture installation before they are showcased at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA), Los Angeles.

The China Pavilion at the Los Angeles Fine Art Show provides a rare opportunity to view traditional Chinese arts in an immersive environment. Much of what has been deemed traditional Chinese art in the West was created centuries ago. Visitors will begin their China Pavilion experience in the Qing Dynasty reading room of Jiang Bin, The reading room was the place within the home where paintings would have been on display. Paired with the paintings, books and intricate carvings, the reading room takes visitors back in time to experience the traditional atmosphere of Chinese art.
Classic Collection of Buddhist Paintings showcases the works of a living master and an art form that, while deeply rooted in tradition, has significantly influenced, and is wholly a part of modern China. These works provide a bridge between China’s historical past at the Los Angeles Fine Art Show: Historic & Traditional.

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