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The modernist photographs of Irving Penn

Guardian / February 22nd, 2010

In his famously bare and basic studio, Irving Penn captured many 20th-century icons with a masterful mixture of austerity and playfulness. Alfred Hitchcock, for instance, was portrayed in profile on a mound of grey carpet, looking both plump enough to burst out of his suit and absurdly ...

An artist's Kodak Brownie snapshots capture reality of South

Washington Post / February 13th, 2010

William Christenberry, who is 73, has been one of Washington's most important artists for something like 40 years, working as a painter, fine-art photographer, sculptor and installer of found things. But the best way back to the origins of all his varied work, and to the heart of what it means, ...

PREVIEW: photo l.a. 2010

ARTFIXdaily / January 3rd, 2010

On view from January 14 to 20 is an array of stunning photographic works in LA's longest running art fair at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium. Browse highlights from photo l.a. 2010 in this exclusive ARTFIXdaily photo gallery including works by Hu Li, Julie Blackmon, and Qiang ...

"Who Shot Rock & Roll" at Brooklyn Museum: Photographers who shaped the legends

The Brooklyn Paper / October 27th, 2009

Brooklyn Museum’s massive new fall show, “Who Shot Rock & Roll,” is a sprawling and captivating look at the last 60 years of American popular music as seen through the lens — or, more accurately, the lenses — of some of the world’s greatest photographers. An entire section devoted to ...

Irving Penn: The giant of photography dies at 92

LA Times Arts / October 7th, 2009

He began as a fashion photographer, but crossed the chasm that separated commercial and art photography. His works are considered icons. Irving Penn, a grand master of American fashion photography whose "less is more" aesthetic, combined with a startling sensuality, ...

Weekend Getaway: City of Lights is aglow with art and fashion

New York Times / October 1st, 2009

During Fashion Week, Paris teases with fun art exhibitions. The Pompidou Center just opened “The Subversion of Images: Surrealism, Photography, Film,” a collection of almost 400 works by the photographers Man Ray, Hans Bellmer and Claude Cahun alongside various artists. Acte2galerie has a ...

Sotheby's Sale of Naked Icons: Big-name photographers, supermodels spice-up auction

Luxist / September 28th, 2009

NEW YORK - On October 9th, Sotheby's will stage a stunning sale of photographs including several nude portraits of supermodels, with work from the likes of Chuck Close, Robert Mapplethorpe, Helmut Newton and more. One of the top lots is a series of six full frontal nudes of Kate Moss by Chuck ...

'The World in Black & White': National Geographic offers photographs from its archives

NPR 2 / September 15th, 2009

Perhaps National Geographic is feeling wistful in its old age: it has recently decided to not only dust off some treasures from its vaults, but also — for the first time — to offer a limited series of photographs and illustrations for purchase. New York's Steven Kasher Gallery is showing the 150 ...

Life's Work at Stake: Loan deadline is up for Annie Liebovitz

NY Times / September 8th, 2009

NEW YORK - The photographer Annie Leibovitz’s $24 million loan was due Tuesday, but by the end of the work day, it appeared that little had happened between her and her lender. Although Sept. 8 was widely reported as Ms. Leibovitz’s day of reckoning, the day when she might have to file bankruptcy ...

Polaroid Sell-off: Photographers lament loss of historic instant image trove

/ September 8th, 2009

BOSTON - All of the precious Polaroids, a 16,000-piece collection of one-of-a-kind prints by hundreds of photographers ranging from Ansel Adams to Andy Warhol, were supposed to stay together forever. Polaroid’s corporate art collection survived a 2001 bankruptcy intact, to the delight of ...

Naked Man Wins; Art Of Photography Show judged by Charlotte Cotton

NPR 1 / August 31st, 2009

Charlotte Cotton (shown here), head curator of the photography department at the Los Angeles County Museum, was the sole judge of the Art of Photography Show held in San Diego last weekend. She chose an image of a 53-year-old naked man, hunched on a child's chair, for first place. The work beat ...

Life Can't Imitate Art; Model arrested for nudity at the Met

Guardian / August 30th, 2009

New York - Apparently, nudes can be viewed in oils or bronze, but not in the flesh, dancing in the arms & armor department of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Model Kathleen "KC" Neill, 26, was nabbed by police last week and charged with public lewdness after posing naked in the museum for ...

SFMOMA Focues East: A New Look at Asian Photography

NPR 1 / August 26th, 2009

San Francisco - Ansel Adams, Richard Avedon and Henri Cartier-Bresson are a few 20th-century photographers most widely noted as masters. An entire hemisphere of photographic history is often overlooked. Two upcoming fall exhibitions at SFMOMA will examine stunning photography from Japan, China, ...

Annie Leibovitz’s Epic N.Y. Renovations Spurred Lawsuit, Debt

Bloomberg / August 10th, 2009

The former owners of two 19th century homes in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village said they regret selling them in 2002 to photographer Annie Leibovitz, who is now in danger of losing the properties in a $24 million lawsuit.

Cartier-Bresson finally gets the focus

Bloomberg / August 6th, 2009

Better late than never. Two shows in Paris celebrate the centenary of the French photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson, who was born in 1908.

Photographer Annie Leibovitz sued over $24 million loan

Bloomberg / July 30th, 2009

The photographer Annie Leibovitz was sued by Art Capital Group Inc. and accused of failing to live up to the terms of agreements for loans of $24 million. Leibovitz approached the firm last year over her “dire financial condition” arising from tax liens and debts...