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Painting Edo - Harvard Art Museum

ARTFIXdaily News Feed - Tuesday, May 4, 2021

William Formby Halsall (1841-1919) Vigilant in last days Race against Valkyrie, 1893.  Oil on canvas, 19 × 29 1/4 in.  Gift of Frederic A.  Turner, 1961.  © 2020 Peabody Essex Museum.  Photography by Kathy Tarantola

Major Traveling Exhibition 'In American Waters' Casts New Light On Our Relationship With the Sea



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George Bellows' "Polo Crowd"

Bill and Melinda Gates Are Splitting Up. Now What About Their Art Collection?



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Plate 20 from Ornithologie, Volume 1 (1760), illustration by Mathurin-Jacques Brisson.  Toledo Museum of Art

Birding Is Ultra Popular During the Pandemic; This Exhibition Offers An Eyeful of 'Rare and Wonderous' Feathered Friends



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