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Clarke Auction - July 26 -

ARTFIXdaily News Feed - Monday, July 20, 2020

New signage for Plimoth Plantation reveals the name Plimoth Patuxet, with the second name referencing Indigenous communities.

Plimoth Plantation Is Renamed During 400th Anniversary; A Fully Restored Mayflower II Sets Sail



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Post War Art and Design - Hindman

Rendering of the design for the Hirshhorn garden by Hiroshi Sugimoto

A Redesign of the Hirshhorn Sculpture Garden Stirs Controversy



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Thomas Cole (American, 1801 - 1848 ) Voyage of Life: Manhood, 1842, oil on canvas, Ailsa Mellon Bruce Fund

See How Robert Reich Wove Thomas Cole Paintings Into A Final Class For 2020 UC Berkeley Graduates



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