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ARTFIXdaily News Feed - Thursday, April 1, 2021

Roman, Antioch, Mosaic pavement from The House of the Drinking Contest, c.  AD 200 — 300, Stone Tesserae, Museum purchase, Museum of Fine Arts, St.  Petersburg

'House of the Drinking Contest' Mosaic Among Restored Artifacts From the Ancient City of Antioch in New Exhibition



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Detail of Judith F.  Baca’s monumental mural The History of California (1976–84).

Lucas Museum Acquires Judith F. Baca's The History of California Archive; Virtual Program With the Artist To Explore the Half-Mile Long Public Mural



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Mohamed Melehi, IBM, 1962.  Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art – Qatar Museums and Qatar Foundation © Mohamed Melehi, VEGAP, Madrid, 2021

Largest Ever Survey of Moroccan Art Opens at Reina Sofia



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