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Bridget Mullen, Duck In Molasses, 2020, Flashe and spray paint on canvas, 127 x 107 cm

Assembly Points: Bridget Mullen, Laurence Owen, Vanessa da Silva

PUBLIC Gallery / December 9, 2020 - January 28, 2021


PUBLIC Gallery is pleased to present Assembly Points, an exhibition of new works by Bridget Mullen, Laurence Owen and Vanessa da Silva.

Displayed across three floors of the gallery, each of the artists are exhibited within their own distinct floor, providing viewers a chance to engage with their work on an individual level while a wider dialogue unfolds between them throughout the space as a whole. Through the shapeshifting paintings of Bridget Mullen, hybrid sculptures by Laurence Owen and Vanessa da Silva’s morphing installation; the exhibition reflects on and explores the action of changing state, the notion of ‘becoming other’, a subject that pervades and prevails within each of their practices.

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