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Mahir Guven at Château de Montsoreau - Museum of contemporary art


Who is the writer who has never dreamed, or even tried, to write the greatest book in the world?

As part of the National Book and Wine Days, which will take place in Saumur on April 1 and 2, the greatest book in the world, written by Mahir Guven, winner of the Goncourt Prize for the first novel, will be presented at the Château de Montsoreau - Museum of Contemporary Art as a closing event to the exhibition "Fous de Proust". In the form of a dialogue with the monumental work of Marcel Proust, In Search of Lost Time, the book of Mahir Guven evokes, by its unusual dimensions, the extent of literary creation, its complexity and its vastness.

Mahir Guven is amused by this. While he had undertaken to paste pages of his books in the street in poster format, Mahir Guven came across a newspaper article mentioning the presence in a shopping mall in the Arab Emirates of the largest book in the world.  Stung by the semantic shift of the translation, clever confusion between size and size, revealing the desire of any writer, Mahir Guven embarked on this enterprise to defy these overbearing Emirati, and realize his dream, even if it is only through this semantic shift, write the largest book in the world. He then undertook the production of a single page of 6 meters by 10 meters, reproducing the entire text of his latest novel called About Innocence. While the realization of the Saudi book had cost several million euros for an object measuring 5 meters by 8 meters, that of Mahir Guven (also publisher) is in the economy of means, relying on local printing.

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