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Judging George Ohr


Join us for this two-part webinar focusing on the work and
market for George Ohr. In the first part, Professor Eugene
, author, "George Ohr, The Greatest Art Potter on Earth", 
will devote a significant amount of time discussing Ohr's life and
work, and why is is considered America's first and perhaps
greatest potter. Professor Hecht will show some breathtaking
pots that have likely not been seen by the public. To conlclude,

Professor Hecht will discuss newer glazes and absolute forgeries
of Ohr's work- which should be of interest to both appraisers
and collectors.

On the second day, art historian and appraiser, Dr. Tom Folk, AAA
will focus on the market for Ohr's works, starting with the purchase
of the majority of Ohr's ceramics by a New Jersey antiques dealer
in 1971. He will consider how New York City dealers acquired
Ohr's artwork; how major auction houses seemed confused by
such a complex ceramic artist; and how Ohr became accepted
by major museums, including the Museum of Modern Art.
Dr. Folk will also study the collectors of Ohr, and how their support
elevated his market. Among these collectors were Jasper Johns
and Andy Warhol.

To conclude on the second day, The Metropolitan Museum's
curator of American ceramics, Adrienne Spinozzi, will share
the Museum's collection of George Ohr Pottery, the greatest
public collection in the world!

, New York

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