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Galerie Frank Fluegel Balloon Girl unique artwork by Mr.  Brainwash

Street-Art Exhibition 2022 FRINGE | XOOOOX | Mr. Brainwash | BANKSY | 18.01.2022 – 30.09.2022

GALERIE FRANK FLUEGEL / January 18 - September 30, 2022


GALERIE FRANK FLUEGEL with locations in Nuremberg and Kitzbuehel shows originals and unique pieces of street art by FRINGE, XOOOOX and Mr. Brainwash in spring 2022.
The exhibition is open from 18.01.2022 – 30.09.2022 for the time being only by appointment. Paintings, mixed media works and edition on wood, steel and paper are presented on two floors.
Street art, or often called urban art, is non-conformist and full of imagination. Street art surprises in the most unusual places, lights up the walls of buildings and brings the gray monotony of big cities like Berlin or New York to life: street art has revolutionized the art scene. It transforms arbitrary objects in urban space into serious art and has long been considered one of the most vibrant art forms of our time. Originally sprayed with graffiti on streets and subway cars, stencil art has thrilled collectors the world over, not least since the phenomenal success of Banksy. One who can be called the forefather of street art is, incidentally, Keith Haring, who first discovered the street as a painting ground with his Subway Drawings in the 80s. The Frenchman Blek Le Rat is considered the founder of the street art scene in Europe.
Street art is actually always characterized by the lush use of spray paint and, of course, stencils. On the street, the actual origin of graffiti and street art, the attachment of artwork is still illegal. Therefore, it must go quickly for the artists. Stencils and sprays are ideal for this. The stencil thus became the feature of street art because it is the most commonly used technique of graffiti art. For the galleries, this technique is usually transferred as mixed media unique pieces on transportable substrates such as paper, wood or corten steel.
GALERIE FRANK FLUEGEL with locations in Nuremberg and Kitzbuehel is focused on high quality originals of Pop Art, Street Art and Contemporary Art. You will find artworks by Alex Katz, David Shrigley, Roy Lichtenstein, Andy Warhol or Julian Opie in the inventory. But also editions and prints by Harland Miller, The Connor Brothers, David Salle, Mel Ramos, Sean Scully, Gerhard Richter, Robert Indiana, Allen Jones, Thomas Ruff, David Gerstein, Peter Doig, Jeff Koons, Tracey Emin, Raqib Shaw and Robert Longo. Covering the realm of street artists are Mr. Brainwash, XOOOOX, BAMBI, FRINGE and John Crash Matos alongside Kenny Scharf. Of course, also design objects by Maurizio Cattelan, Paul Smith or Philippe Starck. Exhibitions are held in regular rotation in the centrally located stores in Nuremberg and Kitzbuehel. International trade fair participations round off the program.

Obere Woerthstrasse 12
90403 Nuremberg


Josef-Pirchl-Str. 6
6370 Kitzbuehel

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