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2012.15.24.a-b Bateman Sugar Basket

'Sugar' Exhibition

Telfair Museums / July 30 - December 12, 2021 / Savannah, Georgia


Explore the sweet culinary habits of Savannahians in this fun exhibition dedicated to the consumption of sugar in the port city. Using furnishings and portraits from Telfair Museums’ permanent collection, this unique display gives visitors a glimpse into humans’ connection to sugar and its complicated history. Porcelain and silver were shipped from Europe and beyond into the Port of Savannah, providing the elite of this city with purchasing options far surpassing those of any inland towns of the 19th century.

Featuring practical items such as tables, chairs, and tongs, and elaborate decorative pieces, the show highlights everyday objects once used here in Savannah for the enjoyment of baked confectionaries, syrupy fruit compotes, and sweetened drinks. Tables are set, complete with linen, and “populated” by the people who inhabit the portraits hung within the gallery.

Forget about your diet for now! Visit this exhibition and enjoy the beautiful silver, porcelain, period furnishings, and portraits on display.

Jepson Center
201 W. York Street
Savannah, Georgia

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