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Sir Alfred Gilbert MVO RA, 1854-1934, Eros, 5-10, 1893, Aluminium with bronze base, 94 inches incl.  bronze scroll, courtesy of The Fine Art Society

Frederic Leighton, Alfred Gilbert & The New Sculpture

February 25 - March 19, 2015 / London, United Kingdom


The Fine Art Society, a gallery synonymous with The New Sculpture movement, will present a major selling exhibition of some of the most famous sculptures produced by these revolutionary artists. In addition to a number of domestic statuettes, the gallery will also be exhibiting a full-size cast of George Frampton’s Peter Pan, as well as an eight foot aluminium cast of Alfred Gilbert’s iconic Eros. The last two decades of the 19th century saw the dramatic revival of sculpture in Britain. Before this period of intense experimentation, sculpture had grown both stagnated and unoriginal. However, in the 1880s a radical new movement developed, which dominated the sculptural style in the country until well into the next century. The New Sculpture, a phrase coined by Edmund Gosse in 1894, was described by M.H. Spielmann as ‘a change so revolutionary that it has given new direction to the aims and ambitions of the artist and raised the British school to a height unhoped for’. Following Frederic Leighton’s lead, and championed by Alfred Gilbert, the movement flourished. The forthcoming exhibition is the latest in over a century of shows at The Fine Art Society dedicated to this extraordinary and influential group of artists. Offering for sale an impressive collection of some of the most important works of the period, the exhibition aims to stimulate a deeper understanding of The New Sculpture movement, and encourage a wider appreciation of its significance in the history of sculpture in Britain.

The Fine Art Society
148 New Bond Street
London, United Kingdom

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