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Gravity Falls Poster

Gravity Falls: A Group Exhibition

Sticks & Stones Gallery / July 30 - August 2, 2015 / Seattle, Washington


Sticks & Stones Gallery is proud to present “Gravity Falls”, a carefully curated gathering of local and non-local rising stars in the art world. Each artist will be touching on contemporary subjects, with a unique and unapologetic delivery. Whether figures from this world or ones imagination, “Gravity Falls” encourages the viewer to push the boundaries of understanding and become immersed in the world of these talented individuals minds. Some will call to question the concept of beauty and sexuality while others will carry its viewers into a vague nameless horror and it’s over powering intensity. Some of the artists will allow the viewer to latch on to familiar iconic imagery in order to ease the viewer’s confidence in the symbolism one has been exposed to. “Gravity Falls” will allow the viewer to entertain the idea letting go of conventional thinking and take an unhindered approach to the beauty of these artists vision. 


- Jay West (NYC)
- Brian Kirhagis / BK The Artist (NYC)
- David Barnett (NYC) 
- Ashish (NYC)
- Troy Gua (SEA)
- Van Alpert (LA)
- Joey Diez (MIA) 
- Kate Vrijmoet (SEA)
- Angela China (NYC)
- Mike Wagner (SEA)
- Ilana Zweschi (SEA)
- Ten Hundred (SEA)

Surface Theory
536 1st Avenue South
Seattle, Washington

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