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Beyond Sonorism: Miami Art Week/Art Basel Exhibition

Etra Fine Art / December 3, 2023 / Miami, Florida


“Beyond Sonorism” is the exploration of sounds, both perceived and not perceived by humans. The exhibition will be a multi-sensory experience that transcends traditional artistic boundaries, inviting visitors to delve into the fascinating realm of sound and its profound impact on our perception of the world. Through the convergence of plastic art, paintings, sculptures, and sonic elements, “Beyond Sonorism” aims to ignite a sense of wonder and stimulate a deeper contemplation of the diverse soundscape that surrounds us.

Participating artists are Jacopo Ceccarelli aka 2501 (Italy), Betsy Stewart (Washington D.C.), Claudia Hakim (Colombia); Claudia Quacinella (Colombia); Andrea Dasha Reich (New York); Hugo Zapata (Colombia); Juan Raul Hoyos (Colombia); Lina Sinisterra (Colombia); Roberto Milan (Italy); Ronny Vayda (Colombia); Titi Kerndt (Colombia); and Yigit Yazici (Turkey), among others.

Etra Fine Art
6942 NE 4 Ave.
Miami, Florida