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Thomas Agrinier L’élu du Mercato (The Chosen One of the Mercato), 2021 Oil on canvas 35 1/8 x 45 5/8 inches (89 x 116 cm)

Game On!

Hollis Taggart / September 9 - October 30, 2021 / Southport, Connecticut


On September 9, Hollis Taggart will open Game On!, a group exhibition that explores the different ways in which artists engage with and are inspired by sports in their creative practices. The exhibition, which will be on view at the gallery’s location in Southport, Connecticut, will feature six contemporary artists, including Thomas Agrinier, ZoBuckman, Royal Jarmon, Hiroya Kurata, Clintel Steed, and Devin Troy Strother. Through a wide range of sports imagery and references, the featured artists examine the power of sports to inspire; to transcend verbal expression; and to engage with broader conversations about identity, culture, and personal and communal experience.

Hollis Taggart
330 Pequot Ave
Southport, Connecticut

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