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Work by Alex Face (left) and Huntz Liu (right)

Alex Face: Scorch and Drop • Huntz Liu: Strata • Dovie Golden: New Works

Thinkspace Projects / August 14 - September 4, 2021 / Los Angeles, California


Gallery One | Alex Face | Scorch and Drop

Gallery Two | Huntz Liu | Strata

Viewing Room | Dovie Golden | New Works


AUGUST 14, 2021 - SEPTEMBER 4, 2021

Thinkspace Projects

4217 W. Jefferson Blvd. | Los Angeles, CA 90016

T: 310.558.3375 | Tues. - Sat. Noon to 6PM




Opening Reception

Saturday, 6PM- 9PM

Masks and Social Distancing Required


Gallery One: Alex Face’s debut U.S. solo show, ‘Scorch and Drop,’ highlights Alex Face’s signature character, a quizzical smoking baby that shares the artist’s moniker and is an extension of his identity as an artist with a social conscience. The baby’s third eye represents another dimension beyond what we can plainly see.


Gallery Two: Huntz Liu’s latest solo show, ‘Strata,’ uses his signature techniques of cutting and layering paper. Each composition is comprised of meticulously cut shapes on different planes, reveling in both the layering of material and the absence of material.


Viewing Room: new works by Dovie Golden, a Chicago-based African American contemporary artist and painter. His thought-provoking, emotionally charged creations invite viewers into the issues of race, gender, pop culture, and mental health.

Thinkspace Projects
4217 W. Jefferson Blvd.
Los Angeles, California

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