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<Riffling Through History> Wang Haichuan

Art+ Shanghai Gallery / June 6 - July 18, 2021 / Shanghai, China


Art+ Shanghai Gallery is pleased to present “Wang Haichuan: Riffling Through History”, a solo show of Wang Haichuan. Opening on June 5th, it will include 12 new canvas paintings as well as his earlier sculpture series as a review and a re-organization of his general artistic style.

In Wang Haichuan’s artistic practice, he has developed a unique language to dismantle reality and devise a new approach to understanding the world. In his painting and sculptural works, his eye for pairing disparate elements for stunning effect belies a need for coherent narrative. Displaced from their original contexts, the figures, shapes or pieces of old furniture remake themselves as something beyond preconceived ideas of the boundaries of a respective medium. This manner of working has allowed him to develop an aesthetic playing with both figurative and abstract techniques, eliciting an organic response from viewers rather than dictating their impression. Including references that run the gamut from daily life to architecture and the history of art, Wang skims history as he constructs a new chronicle of the present. Just like collective memory, Wang’s artworks offer no definitive testimony, merely a compilation of singular impressions to be considered as a whole. 

Art+ Shanghai Gallery
191 South Suzhou Road (near Middle Sichuan Road)
Huangpu District
Shanghai, China

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