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1.21 - Art of the Figure panel with Vincent Desiderio, Natalie Frank, Donald Kuspit, Alexi Worth, moderated by Peter Drake

Art of Figure


Join Vincent Desiderio, Natalie Frank, Donald Kuspit and Alexi Worth, moderated by Peter Drake on Thursday, January 21 from 6-8pm at the New York Public Library’s South Court Auditorium for the ”Art of the Figure” panel. While celebrating the enduring appeal of the art of the human figure, the esteemed panelists will take the conversation one step further to include the changed perceptions of the human form throughout figurative art history due to the impact of technology. For example, imagine Delacroix’s horror when he realized (real) nudes in photographs paled in comparison to his idealized perception and renderings? Each panelist will shed some light on this rarely discussed subject reflected in the Rizzoli published monograph, THE FIGURE, and discuss their contributions to the “deep survey of today’s techniques” and much more.

New York Public Library
476 5th Ave
South Court Auditorium
New York, New York

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