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unBound series by Donna Isham

Artist Donna Isham 'unBOUNDED' SERIES’ featured in d | a | c art space Group Show Opening Night: Thursday, March 12, 2020 7pm to 9pm Exhibition: March 12 - March 27, 2020


Contemporary artists Donna Isham will present her female-centric series, "unBounded Series," featured at the DAC Art Space (7255 NE 4th Ave Miami Fl 33138 space 116), opening Wednesday, March March 12, 2020.  The 22 painting installation was constructed similarly to a jigsaw puzzle, with individual paintings arranged as parts of the whole. This speaks to the diversity and complexity of women.  

The current installation at DAC Art Space features six female artists with the goal to show the rich inner lives of women with a focus on hidden everyday struggles,  with a unique approach to their art, inspired by Lovelace’s poem “what they don’t want you to know” includes artists: Catherine Detraves, Kathleen Staples, Chrys Roboras, Fiona Phillips, and Rowena Comrie.

In the “unBounded Series”, Isham chose to depict the deconstructed female form using only black, white and shades of grey, using acrylic, charcoal, oil and pastel to reconstruct the female form in the abstract, reshaping the standardized ideals of female symmetry to a more fluid concept of beauty and power—unBounded. Naked and raw, these paintings are seen as parts of a whole, are pure and poetic, done with swift gestural motions, sensual and emotive lines and shading.

"I am seeking to break the preconceptions that limit us," says Isham. "As women, as nurturers, as leaders and as a workforce, we have been subjugated for too long by archaic portrayals of women that no longer serve us. This is also true in Art. We've had too few women painting women from a female gaze, their experience, and their passion. We must embrace our diversity, our sexuality, our power, our individuality. This is why I titled the series unBounded, meaning having no limits."

In Isham's figurative abstract works she utilizes live models and photographs, exploring different forms of the body, using a variety of mediums from oil and acrylic, to charcoals and pastels. Her strong, dramatic and swift mark making with brushes and palette knives compels the viewer to experience both motion and emotion, "I am interested in distilling feelings and emotion in my work in order to create a dialogue with the viewer," says Isham. "To reevaluate female beauty and power in all its forms."

Donna Isham is a self-taught abstract and figurative painter. Humanistic values permeate her work – the resilience and compassion of humanity. She draws influence from her vast experience in the entertainment and fashion industry as well as the philanthropic route her career has taken, serving as President of Artists for Human Rights Foundation. Her works are in private collections around the world.

Maria Apostolidis of DAC Gallery
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d | a | c art space
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