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“Der Golem” by Arnie, 2021, NFT and Sculpture metal (60cm)

‘deeep’ disrupts London’s art scene with first AI Art Fair

deeep / October 14-17, 2021 / London, United Kingdom


New ground-breaking AI art fair will run in parallel with Frieze this month, showcasing the world’s most illustrious AI and NFT artists including; Obvious, Oxia Palus, and Alexander Reben.

The AI themed ambience will include AI blended cocktails, AI gastronomy and AI music, and play host to leading members AI art movement such as the renowned Graham Fink and Tabitha Goldstaub who will speak at the event

London’s first international artificial intelligence art fair, deeep, is set to disrupt the city’s art market with new AI generative art and NFT exhibition from 14 - 17 October in the heart of street art and tech hub, Shoreditch, London. Press preview will run on 13 October (10am – 5pm).

The 5-day event, which is supported by CogX, the Computer Arts Society and the Design Museum, will assemble the avantgarde of AI and digital art, with the likes of Alexander Reben headlining alongside art collective Obvious, who first came into the limelight when their ‘Edmond de Belamy’ portrait, generated entirely by AI, sold for a record $432,500 at an auction held by Christie's New York in 2018.

Oxia Palus will also showcase their NeoMasters series, paintings resurrected from the shadows of other artworks using spectroscopic imaging, artificial intelligence, and 3D printing. The show also includes the works of three internationally renowned robot artists — Sophie, Aida and Arnie— who have rendered unique interpretations of reality, humanity and classical art through their remarkable artistic creations.

deeep's founders and co-curators, Stephan Lebenson, Erin Lait and Eulan To, recognise the epoch-making nature of AI generative art. Inspired by their diverse backgrounds which converge around art and technology, the trio created the new concept art fair in 2020 to be a platform for AI artists and the galleries who represent them to showcase their works, present their ideas and ultimately shape the conversation about the future of digital art and the wider art market.

deeep co-founder Stephan Lebenson explains “AI art and NFTs have ceased to be outlier curiosities and novelties, having now established a firm place in the history of art and steadily revolutionized the frame of what is considered valuable and collectible art. With both primary and secondary markets burgeoning, there are now many artists whose works are made possible by innovative algorithms, deep learning, code and digital manipulation.”

Leading names in the AI art movement are also billed to speak at the event. These include Sophia robot's agent, multimedia artist and art director Graham Fink, who has spoken widely on the dimensions of creativity and is a proponent of the generalist approach to life and art. Also to present is AI advocate and feminist Tabitha Goldstaub whose company CognitionX was founded to assist companies in the public and private sectors in exploiting AI to increase profitability and achieve greater equity in the distribution of public services.

Highlighting the revolutionary nature of generative art, deeep co-founder Erin Lait said, "The past few years have seen exponential developments in the field of AI art and NFTs. We recognize and embrace this tech-driven art movement as a new frontier of art with amazing possibilities, and we are proud to be the world's first international art fair bringing together the leading and defining voices of the AI art movement."

Summing up the importance of this art fair deeep co-founder Eulan To adds, "What we are witnessing with the rise of AI generative art reaffirms the importance of art while also expanding its boundaries beyond the norm and beyond our imagination. It's driving debate about the role and status of AI, and as we try to make sense of the significance and prospect of this new frontier of art, there's a lot of excitement about what the future of digital art holds."

Open daily to the public 14 – 17 October, 2021 10am – 6pm, please RSVP hello@deeep.art

Press preview Wednesday 13 October (10am – 5pm). PV & opening night drinks (6pm – 8pm) Thursday 14 October, please RSVP to hello@deeep.art


150 Curtain Road
London, United Kingdom

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