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Veronica Bruce, It Was Around For a Long Time, 2011

Casa Duno presents Prescribed Meanings

Casa Duno / February 4, 2012 / Chicago, Illinois


As part of 2nd Floor Rear, a 24-hour festival of alternative and itinerant art spaces, Casa Duno presents "Prescribed Meanings". The artists in "Prescribed Meanings" examine how we assign meaning to objects, how objects serve as mediators in our interactions with others, and how, through our relationships with things, we begin to understand ourselves and the world around us. Featuring works by Kayla Anderson, Veronica Bruce, and Adam Farcus, with an interaction by the curators, Cameron DuBois and Sarah Nodelman. Saturday, February 4th, 12pm-10pm Opening Reception, 3pm-5pm

2nd Floor Rear arts festival
3638 N Kimball Avenue, Apt. 2
Apt 1112
Chicago, Illinois

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