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Impressions of War: Poster Art from Ukraine

Ukrainian Institute of America / June 1 - August 24, 2022


Ukrainian Institute of America (UIA) will open its newest exhibition on June 1, a collection of powerful poster art and printed works by Ukrainian designers and artists who are living through the invasion of their nation. The posters explore themes related to opposition, resistance, cruelty and barbarism during a time of war. A silent auction of 44 prints will be held to benefit the collective of illustrators and artists who produced them.

The posters are the work of Pictoric Illustrators Club, a collaborative of Ukrainian commercial illustrators, graphic designers and artists. Its mission is to promote quality and relevant graphics representing Ukraine on the international stage.  The UIA showcases, cultivates, and promotes the history, achievements and culture of both Ukraine and Ukrainians from its home in New York City.

The public exhibition "Impressions of War: Poster Art from Ukraine" runs from June 1 – August 24, 2022, on Thurs-Sun from 12:00-6:00pm, or by appointment, at The Ukrainian Institute of America - 2 East 79th Street, New York City, NY.

As the face of many political and social movements, posters are essential for fueling recruitment, spreading propaganda, and sustaining morale. Disseminated by governments, political parties, labor unions and other organizations, political posters transcend time and span the entire spectrum of political affiliations and philosophies. The Ukrainian Institute and its members join with other New Yorkers, other Americans and the free peoples of the world in condemning the brutal and unprovoked invasion of Ukraine: "We support the people of Ukraine in their right to live in peace and freedom and to fight for democracy." #standwithukraine