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Danielle Brathwaite-Shirley, still from 'SHE KEEPS ME DAMN ALIVE', 2021.  Commissioned by arebyte.

SHE KEEPS ME DAMN ALIVE | Danielle Brathwaite-Shirley | 18 November - 19 February 2022

November 18, 2021 - February 19, 2022 / London, California


arebyte Gallery presents SHE KEEPS ME DAMN ALIVE, an exhibition by artist Danielle Brathwaite-Shirley that uses video games, animation, sound and voice to capture, preserve and archive Black Trans Existence. 


The exhibition uses the artist’s recent series of DOTCOM works blacktransarchive.com, blacktransair.com and blacktranssea.com as a starting point for furthering the archiving of Black Trans experience via interactivity and storytelling. The exhibition encompasses a new body of work that positions gaming at the forefront of ideas surrounding action, inaction, relation and archiving experience.⁠


SHE KEEPS ME DAMN ALIVE presents visitors with an immersive point-and-shoot style arcade game that asks them to question how their choices and actions (or inactions) affect others directly. The exhibition positions the player at the heart of a situation demanding a reflection, an action and ultimately a stance to protect the lives of Black Trans people. 

By taking part in the game the player also participates in forwarding the ideologies of the Black Lives Matter and Black Trans Lives Matters movements that took precedence worldwide during the pandemic. The movements speak of solidarity, honouring lives lost, and creating spaces where it is “easier for us to breathe”. These are recurring themes throughout the artist’s work and this show presents the power of holding space for memory and legacy. 

arebyte Gallery
Java House, 7 Botanic Square, City Island
London, California

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